Should I Buy a Used UTV?

Should I Buy a Used UTV? Buying a new UTV indeed comes with its perks, but just because you can purchase one doesn’t always mean you should. Read about buying a new UTV vs. a used one, and decide what’s best for you.

Can You Afford a New UTV?

Buying a new UTV is entirely different than buying a car; the financing is way different, too, and includes having excellent credit. Because they are labeled as a recreational vehicle, lenders usually won’t extend credit to buy one unless you have a well-established credit. It may be better to purchase a used UTV. When it comes to buying used, you can save thousands. If you opt to go the used route, here are some things to consider.

Before You Buy Used

Before you take the plunge and buy a used UTV, take it for a test drive, particularly if it’s a private sale. Inspect the vehicle just as you do a car. Check to ensure the engine turns over quickly. If it doesn’t, that’s not a good sign as it means there could be a problem with the battery or engine. Further, check for excessive smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, which could be a sign of a major engine issue. On your test drive, pay close attention to how the UTV handles turns and bumps in the trails. If you notice more slippage than average, the belt may need replacing, or you may have problems with the suspension. Other things to look for include:
  • Brakes - Check the brakes for any squealing; they should be quiet and responsive. If they’re not or they squeak, the brake pads probably need replacing, or it needs new brakes.
  • UTV history - ask how old it is and the service history. Also, take note of the mileage on the odometer. You want plenty of mileage left for your roading adventures.
  • Oil and coolant leaks - check to ensure all the fluids are filled and contain no leaks and there’s gas in the tank. If you smell anything funny coming from the gas tank or observe the coolant is diluted, consider that a red flag.
  • Axle, boot, and frame health - check for cracks.
If everything checks out, go for it; if not, move on and find a UTV in better shape.

Finalizing Your Purchase

Buying a used UTV is much like buying a used car; you still need to fill out paperwork and receive a Bill of Sale or another receipt of your purchase that both lists the VIN and proof that you paid in full for the vehicle. It ensures you’re both protected. When the old owner turns the keys over to you, and the machine is legally yours, the seller won’t be liable for anything that occurs to the vehicle. At that point, you are the legal owner. If, by chance, you were dealing with a con artist, having the paperwork will benefit you if they claim the vehicle is still theirs. Check to see if you need to register the UTV in your area. If you do, obtain the title from the seller.

Contact UTV Accessories and Windshields

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