UTVs for Turkey Hunting

Thanksgiving and UTVs go together like cranberry sauce and rolls. Turkey hunting with a UTV allows bird hunters access to sweeter spots and the ability to get to these prime locations faster and earlier. Turkeys are famous for being oblivious to blinds, and as long as you get to your spot before sunrise, you’ll be good to go. Using a UTV makes it easier to haul your gear, including the blind, so you can set up for a full day of lying in wait for your target, if necessary. The biggest feast of the year is only a few days away and with a UTV, you have better odds of snagging a prized entrée — more comfortably! Blinds work great in open fields, or if you’re bringing along a younger hunter who can’t sit still for very long. When using a blind, it’s not uncommon for grasshoppers, small birds and other wildlife come close because they’re also oblivious to your hideout, so that’s an extra bonus. If you’re really concerned about scaring off turkeys while setting up, get to the area as early as possible. Adding an exhaust adaptor to your UTV to minimize sound also can help.

Something to Be Thankful For

In some cases, hunters get blinds big enough so they can park their UTV inside it. Keep in mind that UTVs might give off small sounds and heat for a while after parking (which animals can pick up on, but you may not). If you want the ultimate in turkey hunting luxury, plan for a little extra time to allow for the engine to cool down. You’ll also want to test the fit before the big day. You don’t want to unexpectedly be camping out sans UTV just because the dimensions weren’t quite right. Early morning is the best time to start studying turkey patterns. These birds might not be the brightest, but they’ll definitely be scared off (perhaps for good!) if you miss a shot. Once they’re in sight, allow for at least an hour of observation before planning your strategy. If you’d rather not use blinds and you’re not parking in an open field, you can even use branches to cover the UTV and a small stool to set up a makeshift blind of your own.

Covering Up

Many turkey hunters like to use a blind and a UTV cover for added camo. No matter what you’re covering, remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap blinds/covers can make noise when flapping, ultimately sabotaging you. Choose heavier fabrics that make minimal noise in a breeze. The camo should also match the landscape of your region and season (of course), so make sure you check before purchasing. Want to trick out your UTV before the next trip? Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories to get your machine in tip-top hunting shape right in time for the holiday season.

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