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How Do I Register Off-Road Vehicles?

The How, What, Where,& When to State Registration Guidelines for your OHV.

Before you hit the road, you want to be sure your vehicle is registered. Here is a look into what it takes to register off-road vehicles.

So you have a new UTV and are excited to test it out. 

Depending on what state you reside in, your location will regulate how you register your new ride. Because each state has rules and regulations that may vary, it is best to check with the local DMV or storefront you purchased from to find out how to begin the process.

Not Sure If Your Vehicle is Considered an “Off-Road” Vehicle?

For the state of Utah, an off road vehicle is also termed “OHV” which is short for “Off Highway Vehicle.” This can be anything from motorcycles and all terrain vehicles, to farming equipment and snowmobiles. Chances are if it does not normally drive on the highway, it’s registration process is filed under OHV.

Where Do I Register My Off-Road Vehicles?

Once you know if you have an OHV, you can begin on the path to registration. For the state of Utah, you can find materials to register your vehicle on the DMV website and more detailed information on the Utah DNR State Parks website.This can be completed on their website or in person.

What is the Cost of Registration?

If you are a Utah resident, the cost of your registration for your OHV will be around $35. If you are a non-resident, the cost will be around $30 and will be a temporary permit.

What if I am a Non-Resident?

If you are not a resident of Utah, wanting to use your off road vehicle here, you will need to sign up for a permit instead of a registration. You can do this at a vendor location which is listed on the DNR website or you can do this online. To get your permit you will need to have your ID and proof of ownership of the vehicle.

How Often Do I Need to Register My OHV?

For current residents of Utah, you will need to complete this process annually. This registration period ends on the last day of the month that your vehicle was purchased.

Do I Need a Registration Decal to be Official?

Every OHV needs to have a decal displayed when operating. Depending on the type of vehicle you register, will determine where you place the decal for its visibility. Each vehicle as exact placement regulations for the registration decal. More details on where your decal should be placed are available on the DNR website.

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