UTV Safety Tips For The Road

Have you ever been unable to ride your UTV? Maybe it was poor weather keeping you from taking your toy out, a repair needing attention, or simply not enough time. It isn’t any fun leaving your UTV in the garage. But what about being unable to take your UTV out because you have an injury? Sometimes injuries or medical issues arise, but the last thing you want is an unnecessary injury to keep you from making the most of the remaining summer days out on the trail riding your UTV. It is never too late (or too early) to adhere to road safety when it comes to your UTV. It is important to be safe on the trail where you’re out among the elements and it is just as important to practice good safety habits when you are on the road surrounded by other drivers. With the proper safety tips, you can ride your UTV on the road injury-free while enjoying all the things you love about riding. Offroad race - 4x4 car driving through mud No Driving Under the Influence Regardless of whether you are driving a UTV, a car, a motorcycle, or any other sort of machinery, you should know not to operate it under the influence of drugs or alcohol. With impaired judgment and reaction time, it is only a matter of time before you cause injury to yourself or others. Follow Rules of the Road In order to legally ride your UTV on the road in Utah, you’ll have to meet a few requirements. One of these requirements is a valid driver’s license.  Having a driver’s license means you understand the rules of the road, but it is always a good idea to review these before taking off in your UTV. You should also know the limitations and specials rules regarding UTV street driving for your state. Protective Gear An easy way to stay safe while riding your UTV is to wear the appropriate protective gear. This means never getting behind the wheel without a helmet. Goggles are also a great idea, as well as good closed toed shoes or preferably over-the-ankle boots. You should also take care to cover yourself by wearing long sleeves and pants. For these and other accessories for your UTV, check out the selection at UTV Windshields & Accessories. The Right Size You can also stay safe by making sure that you are driving or riding in a UTV that is the appropriate size for you. You should be tall enough to reach the pedals and steering wheel easily, and passengers should be able to have their back against the seat and their feet flat on the ground. Other Safety Tips It is important to know and follow the rules of the road for your state to maintain your safety as well as the safety of others. You should always stay inside the UTV when it is moving and drive defensively.  If you are following all of the state rules regarding UTV road driving as well as using common sense, you will be able to stay safe while enjoying time spent behind the wheel of your UTV.

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