Upcoming UTV Competitions

Do you think your Kawasaki, Kymco or Polaris is the best UTV in its category? Spring is in the air, and UTV competition registrations are pouring in. The warm weather means it is time to show off your off-roading machine while picking up bragging rights and some choice prizes. Whether you normally use your ATV for recreation, hunting or riding at the golf course, nothing compares to showing the world that your ride trumps them all. Nevada Passage Wide Open This competition takes place in Winnemucca, Nevada, May 6-7 and is host to a fun set of challenges presented only to the bravest of outdoor enthusiasts. The staple “human-powered competitions” include kayaking and mountain bike racing, but the real challenge is creating your own trail to the Winnemucca summit in a “scramble run.” The event goes out with a bang during a two-day UTV jamboree at the Regional Raceway where you can show off how much your ride can pull, sand drag and even showcase rodeo-style skills. Yadkin Valley Held every year in Yadkinville, North Carolina, Yadkin is one of the most demanding of tracks for UTV riders to take on. What makes this competition unique is that part of the terrain involves tearing through an abandoned house, which challenges your balance, perception and sheer reflexes. It may take place in early summer, but it has that haunted-house vibe for extra spookiness. Big Buck Series A number of UTV competitions are featured at the Big Buck in Union, South Carolina, starting with the Grand National Cross Country competition and Little Brown Jug National Enduro in August. Youth races are also featured, on both bikes and UTVs, and it all culminates with the Full Gas Spring Enduro in October. Wide, grassy and well-groomed trails are featured over two days of races spanning between three and four miles. Big Buck welcomes racers of nearly every age and of ability, making it a perfect choice for your first race. Quad Wars Fantastic competitions may take place everywhere around the world, but Utah residents can enjoy a home-field advantage at Quad Wars. This competition is hosted every August at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. The UTV races are the grand finale to a monster truck show, and 2014 was the inaugural UTV racing year. Show off your skills, race the competition and enjoy some generous hills designed just for UTV riders. No matter where the competitive spirit takes you, make sure you follow safe towing strategies. Properly hauling your UTV ensures safety for everyone on the road and that your UTV will be in “fighting shape” when it’s your turn to take to the track. Towing laws may vary state to state, so be sure to check on rules and regulations in every state you may be passing through or competing in. UTV Windshields and Accessories of Salt Lake City provides a large selection of windshields and accessories at affordable prices. Before heading off to a UTV competition, stop by their headquarters and make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to get that competitive edge.

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