Trail Riding Safety Tips for Teens

  As you prepare to take your UTV’s out this summer it’s obvious that everyone is going to want to join in on the fun. The benefits of UTV riding are many, but without proper safety knowledge these machines can be downright dangers, particularly for teens. Teens who are not as familiar with driving and don’t have the years of experience that adults do, can find themselves in trouble if they’re not careful. UTV safety for teens is important to make the most of your summer rides. Stay safe with these safety tips for trail riding for teens.

UTV Safety Course for Teens

There are many safety and certification courses available that would be a great way to increase UTV safety for teens. In Utah, those eight years old and up can take become ATV certified by studying and passing a course for $29.50. It is all done online and the course certificate completion document can be printed at home. These types of courses are not just a great benefit but required in many states. For example, Utah requires that those under the age of 16 years old who ride on public lands in Utah need an OHV education. These rules may differ from state to state, so check out requirements where you live.

Wear protective gear

Teach your teens about protective gear and provide them the necessary clothing to stay safe. Teens should be wearing a helmet, helmet, eye protection, long pants, long sleeves, gloves and over the ankle boots.

Inspect your UTV

You should be inspecting your UTV before and after each ride regardless of age, but it is also important when it comes to UTV safety for teens. Before each ride your teen should check the status of the tires and rims, look over controls and make sure all connections and cables are secure. Make sure the windshield is clean and in good condition. They should also check the oil, gas and connections for proper lubricating.

Avoid paved roads and rough terrain

Do not let your teen ride somewhere unless it is a designated riding area. This will keep them safe, keep the UTV safe, and speaks well for the sport. Be sure to talk with your teen about proper and safe speeds, as well as the importance of riding in daylight hours.

Carry a first-aid kit

Each UTV and driver should be equipped with a first-aid kit. You may consider enrolling your teen in a first-aid course so they know what to do in a first aid situation.

Don’t overload your UTV

This includes both the number of passengers and the weight capacity. Overloading any UTV can result in accident or injury. You should also be sure that your teen drivers are not driving other passengers. Ultimately it is up to the discretion of a parent or guardian to decide when their teen is capable of driving a UTV. Yes, UTV safety for teens is easy to achieve especially by following these safety tips. For more safety tips or questions about your UTV call UTV Windshield & Accessories.

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