Top 6 UTV Hunting Accessories

With hunting season just around, there no better time to start planning and preparing. What better way to enjoy a hunting trip than combining two of your favorite things – hunting and your UTV. You may not immediately think of hunting and your UTV going hand in hand, but a variety of UTV accessories on the market, you’ll find several to make your hunting season more successful and enjoyable.

Gun Rack

Obviously when you are out hunting this season, one of the most important things you will bring with you is your gun. Without it, you really wouldn’t have much of a hunting trip! So what better accessory for your UTV than a gun rack. A gun rack will provide you with a safe place to store and carry your gun while you drive your UTV. Most gun racks have options to store more than one gun, and with a UTV you can also consider storing the guns up high on the roll bar.

Utility Grips

If you’re going to be doing any other type of hunting this season, another great accessory would be utility grips. These grips can hold additional guns, bows, fishing poles, and a variety of other weapons. They don’t take up much space and are very versatile, making them the perfect hunting accessory.  


A winch is a great accessory year-round, but it is especially helpful during hunting season. If you’re stuck in the mud or something is blocking your path, you’ll be happy you have one. Most importantly, during hunting season you can use a winch to drag out a deer if necessary.


Chances are you won’t be hunting in the middle of the day. Most deer are out at dusk or dawn when light is more limited. If you get lucky just before dark, make sure you have a way to see while you’re loading up your prize and getting back to your camp. Adding a light to your UTV is a great hunting accessory.


If your UTV doesn’t have a roof already, you might want to consider getting one. You’ll keep the sun, rain, snow, and any other undesirable element off of you while you’re out on your hunting trip.


With hunting season also being the cooler months of the year, a windshield will be a great accessory for your UTV. Having that extra barrier between you and the elements will do wonders to keep you warm. A windshield will also serve to give you added protection from snow and rain as well as any debris or tree branches that may be flung toward the cab. You’ll be safer and much more comfortable while hunting with the addition of a windshield to your UTV. The experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories are exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to polycarbonate windshields. Check out the wide variety of windshields on their website, or give them a call with any other questions you have about UTV windshields or other accessories.

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