Top 5 UTV Winter Gadgets

If you’re looking for ways to take your UTV to the next level this winter, why not invest in a few gadgets? Here is a list of the top five UTV winter gadgets for you to consider.

Snow Plow

You may or may not be able to use your UTV to hit the trails this winter; that all depends on your comfort and skill level, as well as how equipped your UTV is for the snow. But not matter who you are or how intense you ride, you can benefit from a snow plow. If you’re going to choose any gadget for your UTV this winter, make is a snow plow. You’ll be able to quickly and easily clear your driveway and sidewalks with ease all winter long. Your back will thank you!

Tire Gauge

This might not be the first UTV winter gadget that comes to your mind, but when you’re out riding in freezing temperatures, it’ll come in handy more than you realize! That’s because cold air causes molecules to come together, reducing the pressure in your tires. In fact, for every 10 degree drop in temperature you’re looking at losing anywhere from one to two psi. That might not seem like a lot, but your tire pressure has a lot to do with how well you’re able to handle your UTV. Too little pressure and you’ll have a hard time getting traction in the snow. Make sure you keep your tire pressure at an appropriate pressure this winter with by keeping a tire gauge on hand at all times.

Snow Goggles

While these types of goggles are usually used for snowmobiling, that doesn’t mean they can’t make the perfect UTV winter gadget. With exceptional cold-weather insulation and anti-fogging properties, they’ll serve you well all winter long.

Heated Steering Wheel

Who says you have to be cold while you’re out on you UTV this winter? Hands and feet are usually the first to get a little too chilly during a long day of riding. That’s why a heated steering wheel is a must have UTV winter gadget. No matter how many pairs of gloves you try to pile on, it’s hard to keep those digits warm. A heated steering wheel will keep you comfortable no matter what activity you’re doing with your UTV out in the snow.


Another surefire way to stay warm while you’re out enjoying the snow is by installing a custom UTV windshield. It’ll keep the blustery winter winds off your face and keep the whole cab of your UTV will be a lot warmer. And if it starts to snow, as it most likely will, you’ll be protected from that too. While shopping, make sure you are choosing a windshield made from a solid polycarbonate. UTV Windshields and Accessories make windshields that are cut to fight tight and are strongly secured to your UTV. They’re also made of the best materials on the market. If you’re looking for a quality UTV windshield as your next UTV winter gadget, make sure you to the pros at UTV Windshields and Accessories. If you’re looking for any of the other gadgets on this list or beyond, they can hook you up with those too. Give them a call today!

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