Top 4 advantages of Using Lexan

If you’re looking to take your UTV to the next level, why not add an accessory like a windshield. When choosing a windshield for your UTV, you will come across many options. You’ll have to consider whether a full, half, tilting, folding, or vented windshield is right for you. You’ll also need to consider what type of material you want your windshield to be made of. Most UTV windshields are made from acrylic, Plexiglas, actual glass, or Lexan. Rather than getting into ins and outs of each windshield type and IMG_0704material, today we’re going to focus on the top four advantages of choosing a Lexan windshield for your UTV. Lexan, also known as Makrolon, is polycarbonate. Acrylic is one of the most common type of UTV windshield, but Acrylic and Lexan are very different.


The most notable and stand-out feature of a Lexan windshield how strong the material is. It is much stronger than acrylic, and can even be stronger than glass! This is extremely important if you’re someone who likes to take their UTV out and ride amid the elements. When you’re off-roading and coming in contact with tree branches, gravel, and other bits of debris, the strength of the Lexan windshield will be exactly what you are looking for. Because it is stronger, it will be less prone to yellowing (which increases the likelihood of breaking) and cracking. Lexan has been known for use in light aircraft windshields, medical grade instruments, and even Nascar. If you want something strong, look no further than the Lexan windshield.

Less glare

Compared to other materials, especially acrylic, Lexan’s surface is less shiny. With summer right around the corner, the last thing you want is to be out enjoying your UTV on a beautiful, sunny day and have to worry about glare on your windshield. Lexan is also known for having great clarity and visibility. No matter what kind of UTV riding you like to do, clarity and visibility are extremely important.


Many may consider glass for their UTV windshield. It is strong, but it is extremely heavy. A Lexan windshield will be much, much lighter than glass making your UTV lighter and will increase your maneuverability.


Lexan windshields are durable and have a good track record for high vibration activities. This windshield should last you years, much longer than acrylic or even glass. Unlike glass, you will need to take special care when it comes to cleaning your Lexan. But with the proper technique your UTV windshield won’t see any clouding or scratches. It may be difficult to tell the difference between UTV windshield material simply by looking at it, but taking the time to understand the pros and cons when it comes to your windshield options will benefit you greatly in the long run. You take your riding seriously, and you want to make sure your accessories are serving you the best they can. For a strong, lightweight and durable windshield with less glare choose a Lexan windshield. Call the professionals with UTV Windshield and Accessories to check out your Lexan options tod

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