Tips to Clean Your UTV

There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing up a day of UTV riding with mud on your boots and your UTV tires. In fact, the dirtier the better! Why would you avoid a puddle when you can cruise through it? But getting dirty on the trail doesn’t mean you want your UTV to stay that way. Cleaning your UTV after a long day of riding will help maintain the longevity of your machine (and keep your garage a little cleaner too). Here’s how to clean your UTV.

Step 1: Remove the Buildup
As you begin cleaning your UTV, you want to remove as much buildup as possible. Yes, this means scraping off all the mud you have caked on the side. The sooner your remove the mud, the easier it will be. But if it has dried on your UTV, you can use a scraper to help remove it. And don’t forget or neglect those hard-to-reach places!

Step 2: Soap
Next, it’s time to soap up your machine! Unfortunately, your UTV usually has lots of grime and grease on it which means you’ll need something a little more powerful to get the job done while also being gentle on your machine. Once you’ve chosen your soap, spray down all surfaces (including the undercarriage!) Use warm water to help loosen anything you didn’t remove in step one.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat
Once you’ve given your UTV a good washing, rinse it very well. If you find more debris, repeat the process. And don’t be afraid of rinsing your rags several times to avoid scratching up your UTV!

Step 4: Extra Care
There are some parts of your UTV that will require extra care. Here are just a few…
Engine: You should follow steps 1-3 for your engine, but you may notice a brownish stained look. If you do, you’ll need to give it some extra care. Look for a product made specifically for aluminum engine parts to get yours squeaky clean.
Air Intake: It’s important to take care of your air intake and keep it clean. Specifically, you want to make sure it is sealed off so water doesn’t get into the airbox.
Exhaust: Another part of your UTV that you’ll want to keep clean is your exhaust. Rather than cleaning your exhaust after the fact, it’s much easier to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Make sure your exhaust is plugged, especially if you are going to be in really wet conditions.

If you’re going to be in really wet or muddy conditions, make sure any electrical or fuel components are protected from water. Even if you enjoy cleaning your UTV, you don’t want to deal with water damage or rust!

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