Things You Should Know If You're New to The World of UTVs

Your buddy just bought a new UTV and took you for a spin… now it’s all you can think about. If you’ve recently been introduced to UTV’s, you’ve likely felt the urge to cruise some trails in the great outdoors, or rip through a mud puddle. But before you do just that, it’s a good idea to do some research so you know just what you’re getting into. Whether you’ve just purchased your first UTV or are dying to do so, here are the things you should know if you’re new to the world of UTV’s.

  1. Extremely Versatile
    You thought your UTV was just good for riding down trails in the mountains, but think again! UTV’s, or utility terrain vehicles are just that -- a utility! They are extremely useful and can be used for many jobs and purposes. Companies use them for work just as much as people use them for pleasure. Whether you live on a farm and use it to haul around tools, you plan to take it hunting, or you use it to shovel your driveway in the wintertime, the possibilities and uses for your UTV are endless.
  2. They’re Not a One Time Cost
    If you think buying a UTV means just purchasing an off-road vehicle, think again. While the cost for your UTV may be a large chunk of change, it’s not the only thing you’ll be paying for. Just like your vehicle, your UTV will require regular maintenance. Oil, air filters, brake pads, drive belts are just a few examples of things that will need to be replaced routinely. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the necessary repairs that are bound to popup unexpectedly. As you shop and budget for your UTV, take these things into consideration and include money for known and unknown maintenance.
    But the expenses don’t end there! In order to get your UTV to a number of trails, you’re going to need to haul it there. If you don’t already have a trailer or truck to get it there, you’ll need to think about getting one. Will you have a good place to store your UTV? It’s not a good idea to house it outside and unprotected from the elements, so you’ll need a garage or shed to store it when it’s not in use.
  3. It’s Messy Business
    Your UTV isn’t like your car. When you’re out you will have some exposure to the elements which means you’re bound to get dirty. Hopefully for most drivers, this is a perk of UTV’s; you will feel the sun on your arms and the wind on your face. But whether it’s rain pelting you in the eyes, or freezing temperatures turning your fingers blue, sometimes the elements can be a little too harsh. To be the most comfortable and safe, make sure you have the appropriate gear (helmet, gloves, boots, etc.). For added protection from the elements, you can outfit your UTV with a custom polycarbonate windshield. If you’re in the market, look no further than the windshield experts – UTV Windshields & Accessories.

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