Tips for Safely Towing Your UTV

Towing your UTV can be done quickly, easily and safely, but not without the right tools and know-how. Not everyone has a truck bed big enough to haul a UTV, so towing often becomes the only alternative. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to best to do it. As a UTV owner (or hopeful owner), you may have seen dangerous towing practices on the highway, ranging from illegal trailers to UTVs that seemed to be magically hanging on by a thread. Bear in mind that if you need to suddenly change lanes while towing a UTV, the weight of the machine alone (no matter how heavy it is) will not be sufficient to keep it on the trailer. However, with the right security system, you can make sudden stops or swerve if necessary. Take some time to ensure you have the right tools before taking your UTV on a joy ride. Must-Have Features Pick up some D-rings, which are low cost and offer additional restraints for trailers that don’t come with enough hooks to keep your UTV optimally secured. Using these can help reduce wear and tear on the straps used to anchor your machine as well — frequent users see these break regularly. Next, get a ratcheting strap — big ones can keep the heaviest UTVs on a trailer, so get the largest width possible. Otherwise, a 1,200-pound UTV doesn’t stand a chance. Although there is no such thing as too many straps, the favored number to use is three, and they can help immensely on bumpy roads. Crisscross the straps to maximize coverage and security. One of the most important features you have to help anchor your UTV is already a part of it: the parking brake. Remember to engage it before setting off — this step is fast, simple and free and might make the difference between a UTV staying on your trailer or not. A Closer Inspection Before pulling away, make sure the trailer brake lights are in good working order. The breakaway chains — the chains you hook up in case the hitch falters and detaches from the vehicle/trailer — should also be double-checked. Ensure they are also crisscrossed to keep the trailer stable and straight on the highway. Double-check the trailer tires, lighting and gates, too, and of course, don’t forget about a safety inspection. Nothing is more frustrating than getting to a recreational area and finding out your UTV is in desperate need of maintenance or a quick fix. Safety always comes first in all aspects of UTV ownership, including the towing stage, so stop by UTV Windshield and Accessories to pick up necessary anchoring tools before heading off on your hunting, off-roading or landscaping excursion.

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