The Right UTV Accessories for Hunting Make for a Better Trip

Having the right UTV accessories for your next hunting trip is critical to enjoy a safe, fun and memorable getaway. Unlike ATVs, UTVs feature side-by-side seating , making them the perfect off-roading vehicle for tandem hunters (or anyone who wants more space right beside them). Larger UTVs have room for six people, assuming extra seating attachments have been added. A small fleet of UTVs can take a number of hunters out to the field together, easily carrying all necessary gear. Depending on your type of UTV, varying terrain can be handled with ease and you can power through all types of weather. However, most hunters need extra accessories in order to turn their UTV into the ultimate hunting ride. For starters, racks for guns and/or bows are a must. A variety of racks are available in different sizes, and they are designed to hook onto different parts of the UTV. You can get a quick-draw rack that’s inside and just a quick reach away, or go with a rack that attaches to the floorboard, to the roof or even to the roll bar. Talk About “Gunning” It! UTVs can travel at fairly high speeds, so many hunters prefer a gun or bow case instead of a rack for added security. These can attach securely behind your seat, and hunters rest easy knowing their weapons are safe in waterproof casings. Alternatively, you can go for a scabbard that attaches to roll bars if you want the maximum amount of room inside the vehicle. Extra exterior lighting is a must for many hunters. If you prefer hunting at dawn or dusk, you are likely traveling along dark terrain. While UTVs already have exterior lights, you will likely want to supplement these. You may also want a roof basket for bigger items that regular cargo areas cannot handle — it’s ideal for your camping supplies, decoys and other goods. Accessories Galore A cargo rack is a popular option that lets hunters haul bigger equipment. These racks can be mounted nearly anywhere on the vehicle, including as a cargo hitch attached to a trailer hitch (should your vehicle have that feature). If you are hunting big game, a front-end power loader is ideal because it lets you easily lift your prize and transport it without struggling. Finally, do not forget about attachments for food plots. This is a savvy strategy that can make or break your hunt. Unfortunately, food plots are not usually in the best of areas, which means you need special equipment to nurture their growth. As such, UTVs are used to move resources back and forth to the plot. This attracts game that might otherwise remain elusive. For all your UTV accessory needs and the perfect hunting UTV, find out what UTV Windshield and Accessories has to offer today.

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