If you’ve ever looked at the hitch on your UTV and wondered, “What can I do with this thing?”, you’ve come to the right place.

At first you may think that it really only has one function, which is to pull a trailer.

But even this single use of your hitch will give you several different options and uses you may have never thought of. Here’s just a few of the many uses of a hitch on a UTV.


If you’ve attached a trailer to your UTV hitch, one thing you can use it for is to take your camping trip to the next level. Going camping requires bringing along many different supplies. You need your tent, a few chairs, supplies to start a fire, wood to keep it going, sleeping bags, pillows, and maybe a few games or a soccer ball.

Not to mention, all of the tasty food you’re going to pack in so that you can enjoy a smore and a hot, dutch oven breakfast! If you’re riding your UTV into your camp spot and you’re bringing along family and friends, you’re going to quickly run out of space. That’s where using your hitch to load up a trailer with your camping gear can make a world of difference.

You’ll have everything you  need and won’t feel pressured to leave anything useful or enjoyable behind just because you don’t have the space for it.


Another great use for your hitch and UTV trailer is for your hunting supplies. If you’ve ever been hunting, you know that part of the thrill is the chase. But the other part of the thrill is actually taking the shot and being successful.

And now that you have you are potentially left with a very big problem… how to get your prize home. For hunting trips for smaller animals, this may not be that big of a deal.

But if you’re hunting larger animals you may be in a real pickle! That is, unless you have your hitch working for you with a trusty trailer that can easily hold your kill as well as your guns or any other supplies you may need to haul off the mountain.

Farm and Yard Work

If you’re not big into camping or hunting you may think that a hitch or using a  trailer isn’t much of a UTV upgrade. But there are still many uses for both your hitch and trailer besides the two already mentioned. Do you work on a farm or have a large yard that requires plenty of maintenance? You can use a trailer attached to your UTV’s hitch to accomplish all of your daily tasks and more!

Besides a hitch and trailer, there are many other additions you can get for your UTV like a UTV windshield and other accessories. If a windshield is on your wishlist, don’t settle for a homemade windshield for your side by side.

Instead, choose something professionally made from a lexan sheet. UTV Windshields & Accessories can get you set up with a windshield from the best UTV materials on the market. Don’t wait to outfit your UTV with the best windshield and accessories on the market.

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