The Difference Between Mar Resistant and Standard Windshields

The joy of riding your UTV around the trails after a long week of work is a feeling that every UTV owner can relate to. For all the thrills and adventures that your UTV provides you with, you also need to ensure that you are regularly maintaining your side-by-side vehicle to keep on benefitting from the joy rides. Take care of your UTV the same way you take care of your car, and make sure to upkeep your windshield. Although you probably give more consideration to your UTV’s wheels and interior, the windshield is an area that you can’t afford to neglect. 

UTV windshields are designed to take a beating, and they are made from the most robust materials on the market. UTV windshields are stronger than your personal vehicle’s windshields. This strength makes your side-by-side the perfect fit for rough outdoor riding, but it is bound to get dirty from usage and exploration. After all, are you really riding if you never collect dirt or mud on your windshields? Luckily, side-by-side windshields are relatively easy to clean, but there are a few items you must avoid if you’re serious about the lifespan of your windshields.


Mar Resistant Windshields

Mar resistant windshields, also known as abrasion-resistant windshields, are windshields that boast abrasion resistance on both sides. They are available in 1/4th of an inch and 3/16th of an inch, and they share many similarities. Both come with their perks, the 1/4th of an inch windshield being more structurally strong. On the other hand, the benefit of the 3/16th of an inch windshield is that they are a little less expensive. You get a bit more rigidity with the 1/4th of an inch windshield, but the 3/16th of an inch windshield might be better for your wallet. Mar resistant windshields are somewhat resistant to sandpaper, but it’s in your best interest to not use sandpaper when cleaning. Excessive use of sandpaper will show in the form of scratches on your windshield. The benefit of a mar-resistant windshield is that they are far more forgiving than standard windshields.


Standard Lexan Windshields

Over time, expect your standard non-mar resistant windshield to scratch up. However, if you take care of this standard windshield properly, it can survive through different types of terrain. The last thing you want to use is sandpaper on your standard windshields, as this will leave scratches that you can’t remove. Moreover, you’ll want to pre-rinse your windshield to remove the dirt and grime or any other material that’s stuck to your surface. Attempting to clean your standard windshield that’s coated in gunk without spraying water on it first will scratch up the windshield the same way it scratches when you use sandpaper to wipe it. Do not use any glass cleaners on your standard windshield. Although standard windshields aren’t as strong as mar resistant ones, they can still last for around 2-3 years. The benefit of a standard windshield is that you can simply replace the top section. 

Neither windshield is bad, and your choice should depend on your budget. The best part about UTV windshields is that there is a windshield for every budget. To treat your side-by-side to a new mar resistant or standard Lexan windshield, contact UTV Windshields & Accessories today. 

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