How To Teach Your Kids About UTV Safety

There aren’t many things that bring you the same level of happiness as seeing a big smile on your child’s face does. It’s only natural to want to include your child in the hobby that brings you the most joy—riding your UTV around on your day off work. Before long, kids get too comfortable and think that they can call the shots, and they especially love taking risks. They’ll be asking if they can take the wheel when you’re both out on a UTV ride. 

The most adventurous kids will just go behind the wheel on their own without your permission. While your kids are eager to operate your UTV, you are responsible for letting them know that side-by-sides aren’t just big toys and that they require the same level of precaution as regular vehicles. It’s understandable to want your kids to follow in your footsteps, and you want to start them off young, but make it a priority to teach them about vehicle safety along the way.


Is Your Child Too Young for the Roads? 

So, when is it exactly appropriate to take your kids on a UTV ride? Some UTVs come with stickers that state that in order for your child to be able to come along for a joy ride, they must be at least 12 years old. This is a reasonable standard, but local regulations vary, so you’ll have to do some investigating of your own. Generally speaking, if your child can’t reach the grab bar nor can they set their feet on the floor, they’re too small. It may be heartbreaking to tell your child that they are simply just too petite for the big leagues, but it’s for the best if they don’t tag along just yet. Reassure them that they can join in on all of your adventures when they grow older. As a general rule of thumb, if your child can’t even hold their head up on their own or still requires a booster seat, then they are definitely too young to be riding in your side-by-side.


Don’t Tow Your Kids!

There are a lot of parents who enjoy towing around their kids on a saucer that’s strung to the back of their UTVs, and you just might be one of those parents. Although you want to be considerate of your children and make them feel included in the fun, this is not the best way to go about it. In fact, this is a life-threatening move to take, and the last thing you want to do is to put your child in harm’s way. Kids can get caught up in a tow line and get dragged, or even worse, they can be strangled. Unfortunately, kids also run the risk of flying off their sled and slamming into an obstacle, or they might get cut up from skidding across the road. 

As you can see, child safety is no joke. We don’t encourage you to take your kids out for a ride if they are too young. While the point of a UTV is to take risks, this is not a risk you want to take. Exercise caution and common sense.

Contact UTV Windshields & Accessories if you want to learn more about child safety, or if you’re looking for accessories to make your UTV safer for your family. 

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