The 4 Best Places To Take Your UTV

Adventure and excitement await you when you go off-roading in the best places. If you’re looking for rough terrain to explore or a beginner testing out your new wheels, read on to see the four best places to take your UTV.

Moab, UT Slickrock Trails

Central Utah is an off-roader’s dream. With red rock scenery and plenty of miles to traverse, Moab has some of the most celebrated trails in the world. The 275-mile-long Paiute Trail peaks at a breathtaking 10,000 feet in sky country of the Fishlake National Forest and surroundings. Another place in Moab would be the Poison Spider Mesa which boasts one of the world’s high adventure outposts. A sandstone upland climbing to 4,700 feet, you’re sure to find Heaven in the dozen or so varied miles of terrain.

Whether you want impressive switchbacks to remarkable heights in the mesa or motor across the soft sand and gritty gravel, you can’t go wrong with this off-roading adventure.

Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

The Baumgartner Trails in the beautiful Idaho mountains is a feast for the eyes and senses. With fantastic scenery and great camping places, get ready for some epic off-roading. Hundreds of miles of trails offer some challenges with narrow switchbacks, rocky sections, and steep drop-offs–perfect for the more experienced and advanced rider. 

After a long day of off-roading, slip into a hot spring or jump into a swimming pool. Ensure you’re prepared, though, since it’s about 30 miles to amenities. The best time to visit would be in the summer months when the snow has melted, allowing you to travel at higher elevations. Get ready to go for miles and never cover the same ground when you visit Sawtooth National Forest.


Brawley, California

Sand, sand, and more sand await you at the home of Glamis’ Imperial Sand Dune, the most popular riding destination in Southern California. Over 40 miles and five miles stretched out terrain beckon you there. Host to thousands of riders on popular weekends, this off-roading destination can’t be beaten for sand racing. 

At the edge of the dunes, find lodging available, including RV and tent camping with a bathroom close; all other provisions you need to bring. The best time to visit the area is fall, winter, and early spring since temps can reach upwards of 100 degrees in the summer.

Moro Plantation, Northern Maine

Find yourself in Moro Plantation at The Northern Main Trail Systems, which covers over 1,000 miles of available terrain to traverse. With beautiful views surrounding you, the trails open from the end of spring into October. A combination of scenic trails keeps you exploring the woods, mud bogs, and dirt roads.

An abundance of wildlife greet you, including an occasional bear or moose, but dress warm because the climate is cold and wet and includes about 100 inches of snow yearly to total about 37 inches of precipitation. The area offers to lodge up to twenty-five people with on-site amenities that provide for optional all-you-can-eat meals after a hard day of riding.

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