5 Accessories To Make Your UTV More Comfortable

Just as a car’s accessories make driving it or riding in it fun or comfortable, the same with a UTV. Depending on your preferences, you could pick several or just a few to meet your needs and desires.

Here are five must-have accessories for your UTV.

1. Roof

It may seem contradictory to include a roof as a must-have accessory for a UTV since many riders like the feel of the wide-open air, wind whipping their hair around. However, it a storm hits, it may not feel so good with rain pelting your face, or conversely, the hot sun may obscure your vision. Installing a roof means protection from the elements and protection for your vehicle, as well as giving it some style and flair.
You can choose from fabric roofs, an inexpensive option, or if you want a more durable, hard roof, consider plastic or aluminum.

2. Doors

Installing doors depends on what kind of UTV you have because some come stock with doors while others don’t, which includes Polaris RZR and Can-Am Commander. Installing doors offer an additional level of protection when riding. If in the woods, doors may be a must-have since branches can scratch you, as opposed to riding in the desert.
UTV’s aftermarket doors, called “suicide doors,” means the hinge is located at the back of the vehicle instead of the front, the opposite of most passenger vehicles. This style offers the best accessibility for getting in and out of the UTV.

3. Skid Plate

This must-have accessory is for moderate-to-extreme trail riding or rock crawling. With a full skid plate, large obstacles such as potholes or ascents/descents protect your vehicle. Even though skid plates do come with your UTV, you’ll want to upgrade. Don’t wait until it’s ruined before replacing it, or you could be replacing something else with, as well.
It’s vital to protect both specific parts and the undercarriage of your UTV; the material you use also makes a difference. Smaller pieces, such as a-arm guards, are only available in metal alloys. On the other hand, you can get full skid plates in UHMW for many UTVs, which provide silence, effectiveness, and are quite strong.

4. Cab Storage Pack

A storage bag or pack offers several conveniences when riding. You can store cameras, phones, maps, food, water, etc., and since it’s right there in front, it allows for easy access. There’s also mounting options, such as between the seats, overhead, on doors, or other easy-to-access areas.

5. Rearview Mirrors

Why would you put a rearview mirror on your UTV? For several reasons, some that include convenience and some that include safety. A rearview mirror allows you to see how far behind the next vehicle is, as well as alerts the person behind you, so they know where you went if you come to a fork in the road. They also help you gain a better awareness of what’s around you, ideal for when backing up or in tight situations.
Because it’s an aftermarket accessory, you choose just where you want it to give you the best angle. Apart from putting on either side, you can also choose to mount it above you; this gives you a way of checking on your cargo as you go over bumps.

Whatever accessories you choose, give us a call at UTV Accessories and Windshields. We can help you find the best ones for your needs.

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