The 3 Best UTVs for Hunting

UTVs are a veritably indispensable tool when hunting, and the industry’s manufacturers offer a plethora of fantastic options. Whether riders are going on a weeks-long hunting journey or a quick Saturday shoot, using a UTV allows them to carry more gear and cover more ground while practicing their beloved sport. It is the ultimate recreational tool that can drastically improve your hunts. Choosing the right UTV for hunting is a personal decision. However, a few makes and models remain popular with hunting enthusiasts year after year. Consider this list foundational for narrowing down your search. Of course, one of the best ways to make a final decision is to visit a UTV showroom in person, test-drive some options and see first-hand what the possibilities look like. Yamaha Rhino This strong machine is, of course, a 4x4, and it makes navigating rough terrain easy, with controls akin to automotive systems. Enjoy the safety of a three-point seat belt complete with anti-clinching technology, which ensures your hunts are as safe as possible. The power-to-weight ratio of a Rhino is superb, thanks to the four-stroke engine and already lightweight body. Featuring the highest-tech UTV drive system available, the ultramatic transmission, complete with dual-range drive and reverse, this beast takes your hunts to the next level. Polaris Ranger You can’t beat the capacity and traction available with a Ranger, which, coincidentally, already comes equipped with camo. Riders particularly enjoy the twin cylinder EFI engine that offers 40 horsepower along with a six-wheel suspension. This monster can carry up to 2,000 pounds, so you never have to worry about your prize kill making it back to the truck. However, comfort is also key with the Ranger, which is why it has extended legroom and tilt steering. Three adults can easily fit in, and it’s designed for easy in and out access. Can-Am Commander Take advantage of one of the most powerful engines available with 85 horsepower in a v-twin engine. As an added bonus, the Commander offers a bevy of features like Intelligent Throttle Control systems, super-strength cages and a driver’s seat that’s auto adjustable for comfort. The side nets feature fast-attach technology, and the Commander has the very first cargo box that is water resistant with two panels. You can carry up to 600 pounds “on command.” Hunting season is coming up quickly. Do you have the machine you need for a record season? If not, visit UTV Windshields and Accessories to check out what kinds of vehicles will help make the most of your hunting trips.

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