Springtime UTV Maintenance Tips

When the weather gets warmer and adventure calls, it’s a good idea to tune up your UTV with these UTV maintenance tips. After all, you wouldn’t want to break down just as the fun begins.

Whether your UTV was stored away or actively used during the winter, it’s good to check up on things that have either gotten dirty or collected dust. These are our springtime UTV maintenance tips!

1. Wash Your UTV

No matter how your UTV spent the winter months, it could use a good washing. The easiest way to clean your UTV is with a cleaning solution and a pressure washer. 

We recommend using a pressure washer with moderate power. For a UTV, less is more. Too much pressure won’t clean your bearings, and it might blow decorative stickers off your UTV.

Additionally, washing your UTV before you check on your oils and filters will protect those areas from unwanted debris, which could damage your UTV.

2. Flush Your Radiator Fins

While we recommend using a pressure washer on your UTV, we would stay away from one when cleaning out the radiator since the power from the pressure washer can damage the fins in the radiator.

A safer option is to use a garden water hose without soap. Simply rinse the radiator out until only clean water comes out. Start from the top and work your way down. If there’s a ton of stuff clogging up your radiator, it could take a little while to get everything out. Patience is key here!

3. Apply Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease keeps salt, dirt, and corrosion away from the electrical components of your UTV, which is essential if you’ve gone, or plan to go, spring mudding. The mud and dirt from spring mudding can damage the electrical components. 

Unplug your connector, apply the dielectric grease, and then plug your connector back in.

4. Change Your Engine Oil and Filter

Will your UTV be exposed to water? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to change your engine oil and filter. While UTVs are sturdy and can go a while between filter changes, they can still get damaged from water exposure. We recommend changing your oil and filter every spring before you start riding. 

5. Change Your Air Filter and Airbox

You’ll want to clean and re-oil your filter with a high-quality foam filter. Place a rag on your intake and vacuum over the area to get any debris out. This process should keep your air filter and airbox running smoothly.

6. Service Your CVT

Every UTV comes with a CVT drain plug. You’ll need to open the plug up to see if water comes out. If not, you’re good. 

But if water does come out, you’ll want to service your UTV. You can do this by removing the CVT plug and checking the belt for damage or glazing. You can use an air compressor on primary and secondary clutches to clean them out. 

Don’t panic if you see black dust; that’s normal. But if there’s rust or water, your CVT belt needs further maintenance before you ride it. 

7. Get New Grips

It’s never a bad idea to replace your grips before a new UTV off-roading season. The better your grip, the easier it will be to hold on when you’re busy adventuring. 

8. Inspect Your Winch

Your winch is essential for your UTV to run, so you want to make sure it’s in good condition. You can inspect your winch while in free-spool by unwinding all of it. If you notice any signs of damage, play it safe–replace your winch. 

If your winch doesn’t show signs of damage, you can put it back by putting pressure on the cable. Either ask a friend for help or attach the winch to your vehicle. You can hold down the quad brake on your truck, if you have one, to pull the spool tight. 

9. Clean Your Disc Brakes

It’s easy for your disc brakes to get dirty. Unfortunately, this can affect how well they function. A good way to clean your disc brakes is by removing the wheels and washing the rotors and calipers with water. A brake cleaner will remove grease.

10. Inspect Your CVT Boots

Your CVT axle joint comes with a boot that can get torn off in muddy conditions. It’s not a problem you want to leave unrepaired since grease and dirt will get into the axle joints, ultimately destroying the boot and the entire axle. That’s a much more costly repair!

11. Inspect Your Bearings and Bushings

Several different UTV parts utilize bearings and bushings: swingarms, A-arms, spindles, sway bars, and steering stems account for a few. You’ll want to jack your vehicle off the ground and get underneath it to check on your bearings and bushings. 

Wiggle the parts around. Do they move a lot? If so, replace them. Lots of moving around signify problems down the road. Bearings and bushings are much cheaper to replace than the parts they could damage from breaking. So, save yourself some money by quickly replacing the more affordable parts.

TerraRider UTV Windshields & Accessories

We want you to have a blast adventuring with your UTV this spring. UTV maintenance will go a long way toward making sure that happens. Fine-tuning your UTV parts will ensure an enjoyable season of fun instead of a long wait at the repair shop that leaves you with a much lighter wallet.

TerraRider UTV Windshields & Accessories has every part you could think of for your UTV. We carry tons of brands and accessories, so we’re bound to have what you need. You can stop by our store in Salt Lake City, Utah, or take advantage of our free shipping if you live elsewhere in the United States. 

If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to call us at 801.923.6347 or fill out the form on our website. We’ll be happy to help you however we can.

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