Should You Lift Your UTV?

One of the most fun aspects of having a UTV is all the fun and useful accessories available for purchase to take your riding to the next level. Whether it be a UTV windshield, a gun rack, or a heated steering wheel, there is a UTV accessory for just about anything.   But what if your UTV rides lower than you want? Whether it doesn’t have quite enough clearance to get things done around the yard or to make it over those gnarly trails you plan to explore, you bet there is an accessory to solve this problem.   UTV lifting is one way to literally take your ride to the next level. But is a lift the right option for you?  

The UTV Lift Guide


Avoid Damage

One of the most obvious advantages when lifting your UTV is that you will avoid scraping the bottom of your UTV, or bottoming out. By lifting your UTV you’ll get more clearance and avoid damage to your UTV.  

Not Much More Clearance

Some lifts work by lifting the actual body of your UTV, not necessarily the chassis. So, depending on the type of lift, you may not actually be getting much more clearance underneath. When shopping for a lift, be you know what and how it will lift your UTV.  

Want Bigger Tires

Extra big tires for your UTV can mean extra big fun. But if you’re in the market for some extra-large tires you might not realize that in some cases a lift kit goes hand in hand with a tire upgrade. Those large tires are going to require some extra clearance. And as an added bonus, the tire upgrade will give you extra ground clearance as well.  


One question you should ask yourself before lifting your UTV is whether or not you plan to spend a lot of time in the mud. One of the most useful functions of lifting is when you’re taking your UTV through deep mud. That and really big tires!  

The Strain

Another thing to consider when lifting your UTV is the strain it will have on your vehicle. Extended axles and A-arms is an added weight to your UTV. Now, this can be solved by adding a gear reduction box to connect the outer edge of your UTV’s A-arms which goes between the axle and wheel hub.  If you take this approach is may also help reduce the gear ration which is an added bonus.   Whether you decide to lift your UTV or not, the guys as UTV Windshields and Accessories are available to help you with any and all of your UTV accessories. Rest assured that you’ll be getting the best addition there is to offer; if the experts at UTV Windshield and Accessories don’t use it, they don’t sell it. To make the most of your UTV, contact them today.

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