Should I Put Chains on My UTV Tires?

As a serious UTV rider, you’re not about to let snow slow you down, so of course you’ve taken all of the extra steps necessary so that you’re able to have a comfortable experience out in the snow. That means you’re outfitted in plenty of warm clothing to wear on your winter rides – a big jacket, snow pants, warm boots, a hat, and gloves. If you’ll be spending a long day out in the elements you’ve packed extra blankets, food, plenty of water, and maybe even a thermos of hot cocoa. Hopefully your UTV heater is in tip-top shape, ready to blast the cab of your UTV with hot air. If you’re going to be lots of winter driving, it’s a good idea to invest in a UTV windshield. Choosing a quality windshield from UTV Windshields & Accessories will not only keep you toasty warm during winter rides, but it will also keep dust, twigs, and rocks out of your face and your UTV during the other months of the year. If you’re serious about UTV riding, particularly in the winter months, get in touch with UTV Windshields & Accessories today. Now that the inside of your UTV is ready for fun in the snow, it’s time to think about the outside of your UTV. In particular, your tires. Some avid snow drivers may have purchased their own set of UTV snow tires. But if you’re not quite ready to invest in a snow tire for your UTV, there is another option – chains! You’ve heard of using chains on your vehicle tires, but should you put chains on your UTV tires? The answer is yes! Using chains on your UTV tire is an excellent way to get that extra traction while still getting the most of your all-terrain tire. What should you be looking for when it comes to chains for your UTV tires? If you see something called a V-bar tire chain, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get excellent traction. A V-bar tire chain also called ice breaker or reinforced tire chains, are made of hardened angle iron that is welded to each link of the cross chain. This sharp point gives you the added traction you need to take you on any adventure you can think of during the winter month, pushing or pulling! These are specifically used for driving on ice and off-roading. But be advised; since V-bars are much deeper, they won’t fall between the lugs on your tires. When you’re shopping for UTV tire chains, be sure to note your tire size and make. Having a good fit could make or break your ride. And you definitely want to purchase a good quality chain. If you have questions when it comes to choosing chains, or any other accessory for your UTV, talk to the experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories. If it’s a UTV accessory they personally use, they sell it. If you’re in the market for any UTV accessory, you can’t go wrong with their advice!

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