Plan a Killer Halloween UTV Ride

Are you getting your tricks and treats on a UTV trail ride this year? Whether or not you have children and still celebrate this ghoulish holiday the old-fashioned way, when Halloween falls on a weekend, you simply have to celebrate. The weather has cooled down and many UTV enthusiasts are heading to their favorite autumn trails. Bring a little spooky magic into your weekend adventure with plenty of treats, as well as tricks, to optimize safety. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis reveals that Halloween is the deadliest time of year for pedestrian-vehicle accidents. For adults, Halloween often goes hand in hand with drinking. Bear in mind that operating a UTV is not much different than driving a car — drinking and driving is illegal and unsafe even on remote trails. Plus, you don’t really know what other riders have been up to, so your defensive driving skills need to be sharp.

Treat Yourself

If you’ll be camping out, come equipped with ghost stories and fun-sized candy to share to munch on around the fire. Nothing trumps riding in the woods and sleeping under the stars on this ghost-filled night. In lieu of alcoholic beverages, create your own witch’s brew with apple cider and chai spices. Now’s the time to break out your travel-friendly cooking and baking skills. Add some candy corn to your go-to homemade granola bars, or pack some black and orange caramel corn for an easy travel treat. Luckily, there’s little chance of treats melting this time of year, so you can get as creative as you like.

Tricks of the UTV Trade

It’s never a bad time to upgrade your UTV with improved safety measures, but riding on a dangerous holiday weekend is definitely an incentive. Consider adding a five-point harness instead of relying on the factory seatbelts, or upgrade your windshield if yours has seen better days. A roll bar or roll cage is an excellent addition, and adding cargo space to bring a more comprehensive first-aid kit (or extra s’mores) never hurt anyone. Most importantly, make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly before heading to your haunted trail. Have a repair kit with you and ensure everyone is in agreement that this will be a safe, all-rules-followed ride. It might be an unorthodox way to spend a beloved children’s holiday, but it’s a dream (or nightmare) come true for UTV lovers. Get all your safety accessories and upgrades for your ride today at UTV Windshield and Accessories, and get your first Halloween treat a little early.

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