Laws for UTVs Nationwide

Is your UTV and its accessories legal? It depends on where you ride. Laws can vary by country, state, county and town, so make sure to check ordinances before you take off in new territory. Keep an eye on any changes, since some laws get updated as needed — for example, California just passed a law that helmets must be worn on a UTV. Of course, that’s always been a good idea, but now it’s a requirement that might get you fined if you don’t comply. How familiar are you with UTV laws? Keep your UTV, accessories and next trailblazing experience legal by familiarizing yourself with the laws in these states:
  • Wisconsin: Recently, a law was passed that allows children under age 12 to operate a UTV, provided it’s on private property and they are accompanied by an adult or guardian. There’s no age requirement to pass a UTV safety/certification program, unlike some other states.
  • Nebraska: You must cross a public road at a 90-degree angle here. It’s one of the few states that gets this specific about crossing — and you can also only do so between sunrise and sunset. The exception? If you’re undertaking agricultural work.
  • California: It’s not just drivers who are now required to wear helmets, but passengers, too. This has some riders upset, such as those who invested in headsets worth several hundred dollars that don’t mesh with helmets. However, the added safety is definitely worth it.
  • Arizona: You’re legally required to wear eye protection when riding a UTV on public roads or highways. Some helmets may double as eye protection, but if you don’t have one of these, you need to add goggles.
  • Utah: It’s safety first in Utah, where riders 8-15 years old need to take the state Know Before You Go! certification course before they can operate a UTV. However, it’s highly recommended for owners/operators of any age.
  • Missouri: You can ride pretty much anywhere you like as long as it’s within three miles of your personal property in Missouri. This makes highways, roads and any other public property fair game. Even better, you don’t need to abide by sunrise-to-sunset laws here either.
  • Nevada: Side-by-sides can be deemed “street legal” in cities with fewer than 100,000 permanent residents. This means Las Vegas is off limits, but it does open up options for a number of gorgeous towns and regions throughout this desert state.
  • Maine: Of the 21+ million acres available for UTV usage in this state, 10 million are owned by residents or corporations that allow UTV enthusiasts to use the property for recreational purposes. However, each private property has its own regulations, so be courteous and check first.
UTV laws are in effect for everyone’s well-being. Get your ride ready at UTV Windshield and Accessories, where all your UTV accessories, bells and whistles can be found to ensure your ride is legal.

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