Is It Possible to Plow Snow with a UTV?

If you have ever wondered if you could plow snow with a UTV on your property, you are in the right place.

If you live in Utah, you are plenty familiar with the unpredictable weather and snowfall. Winter is a great time to do a lot of different activities with the change in weather, but it also brings its own set of work  along with it. We are giving you tips and tricks to make your job easier this coming season. Stay tuned.

Cut Your Work Time in Half

Using a shovel to plow snow off of your driveway does do the job. Although it can take hours depending on how big of an area you are working with, and how much snowfall you are trying to clear. Using a UTV to plow the snow off your property is the option that will give you your time back and less stress. Driving your UTV while maneuvering a snow plow attachment is a lot easier than manually shoveling heavy scoops of snow off your cement. 

Ensure Proper Care & Storage

Ensuring that your UTV is cared for before and after you use it to plow snow is the perfect place to start. Check you have the correct tires on for the job,That you have the correct plow attached and set to the prime level, as well as that your machine is full of fuel, and everything is running properly. Once finished plowing, avoid storing your UTV away until it is dried off thoroughly and cleared of ice and snow. This will prevent further damage by accumulation of rust or cracks in your vehicle due to any left over precipitation freezing while it is stored.

Choose Your Clearing Area 

Let's say you have a driveway that is quite large and you have a fair sized accumulation of snow. Having a plan of attack ahead of time can save you more work on the back end. Choose an area where you will be plowing your snow to get it out of the way. You might want to consider not blocking someone else's driveway, leaving ample walk room on sidewalks for pedestrian safety, and not obscuring views of traffic.

Work Downhill, Not Uphill

If you live on a property with a driveway that is slanted or uphill, plowing certain directions can help to make the job easier. For example, plowing with the snow at a downhill direction will be less taxing than plowing against the snow at an uphill direction.

Contact TerraRider UTV Windshields & Accessories

At TerraRider UTV Windshields & Accessories we love to share with you this information that will help you when the winter season comes around.  When you need to plow snow with a UTV, these tips will make it a little easier, and a lot quicker of a process. If you have more questions about UTVs, look no further. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Stop by our office to talk to our friendly staff, or give us a call at (801)-923 -6347. Contact us today!

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