How to Participate in a UTV Meet

Summer is in full swing and so are trips, adventures. and UTV meets. This is the time for UTV enthusiasts to shine!

The sun is shining, social gatherings are slowly easing their way back to our normal, and we are here giving you all the details on these meets and how they work. If you have a UTV or ATV and are interested in some new off-roading trail riding, and meeting new friends this season, stay tuned. We are sharing it all here.

What is a UTV Meet?

A UTV meet is a social gathering where individuals who own UTV or ATVs get together to ride trails. Some events are a few days' time, some only last one day. 

What Do I Need to Participate in a UTV Meet?

If you want to participate in a UTV meet, there are a few things you need to make sure you have ahead of time. If you live in the state of Utah, you can find all of the guidelines for owning and driving a UTV here. You will want to make sure you have up to date registration for your off-road vehicle, and that your vehicle is also up to date with all fixing and repairs. Depending on where your UTV meet is located, you may need to have a flag that can be displayed while riding (for some parks such as Sand Hollow State Park etc). You also need to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with working lights, operational breaks, a muffler, and spark arrestor. More information on additional requirements can be found here.

How Do I Find A UTV Meet?

You can find local meets in your area using social media. Aside from the state parks website, Facebook and Instagram also have pages and groups you can join depending on where you live and what vehicle you have. Some groups are free, and some require membership fees to have access. Joining a group will give you hands-on new information on the latest meets that are planned locally, and give you information on how you can attend.

What Does a UTV Meet Consist Of?

These meets generally consist of a race or organized ride you can participate in. You register for the date and, depending on the event, can get special gear to use while riding, such as a T-shirt or other items. Some events that span over a few days can offer breakfast and other meals throughout the trip- as well as raffle prizes throughout your stay. Whatever event you choose, you will leave with great friendships and another amazing adventure and trail riding under your belt.

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We hope you have enjoyed our information on UTV meets across the country. Meeting new people who share a common interest in UTV riding can build new friendships and add more trails to your calendar. If you have questions about your UTV, come by our office. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can also reach us by phone and talk to one of our friendly staff members at (801)-923-634. Contact us today!

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