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Is a Helmet Required for UTVs?

If you are an avid UTV rider, you may be wondering, is a helmet required for UTVs? Keep reading for more information regarding helmet use and UTVs.

Safety Gear For UTVs

Before strapping into your new UTV, you need to make sure you have a few items on your person to protect you during your ride. Safety gear will help keep you safe from weather, terrain, and any emergency you may run into. This article will discuss helmets, other protective clothing, eyewear, and why it is so important to be prepared before you head off on your next adventure.

Is a Helmet Required for UTVs or Just Recommended?

Helmets protect the most vital organ in your body, but are they a requirement to hit the road on your UTV? As you would with any outdoor recreation sport such as cycling, dirt biking, four-wheeling, jeeping, or riding a motorcycle- wearing a helmet in your UTV is also a must. Not only that, a helmet is required for UTVs. In Utah and riding on public land, wearing a helmet is mandatory, especially for riders who are 18 years of age and under. No matter your age, when it comes to protecting your head, wearing a helmet is never a bad idea.

Protective Clothing

Take time before your trip to review where you are going and what kind of terrain you will be experiencing so you can pack accordingly. Usually, bringing long sleeve shirts, pants, boots that cover your feet and ankles, and gloves is an excellent place to start. Rocks may kick up and scratch or hit you; you may run into some branches or harsh shrubbery. If you are riding in the snow, it would be wise to add warmer clothing such as thermals, coats, and snow pants. Wearing protective clothing can ensure you are kept safe from unexpected elements.

Protective Eyewear

Driving unknown terrain can bring the unexpected. Therefore, earing goggles or glasses while driving and or riding in a UTV should be done at all times. These can protect your eyes from sand, dirt, flying rocks, and other ailments that might otherwise cause you annoyance or harm. Your vehicle has a front windshield that does help to protect you from weather and trail elements, but wearing protective eyewear is still considered a definite.

Visit TerraRider UTV Windshields and Accessories for Your UTV Needs

Is a helmet required for UTVs? No matter what regulations say, the answer should always be yes. The more you know about protective gear, the better prepared you can be, and the more fun you can have on your next adventure. At TerraRider UTV Windshields and Accessories, we have the knowledge and experience of over a decade to help you with all of your riding needs. We are a small business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you have any questions or UTV needs, stop by and meet our friendly staff, or give us a call at (801)-923-6347. We are happy to chat with you about how you can ride safer and even more protected this season. Contact us today!

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