6 Safety Tips for Riding a UTV

Riding a UTV is all fun and games until there’s an accident and you get injured. Riding a UTV can indeed be dangerous, but did you know that you can entirely avoid many of these accidents by taking a few safety precautions?
Indeed, riding a UTV is an exhilarating experience. As long as you’re careful, you can have it without worrying about getting hurt! In today’s blog, we’re talking about safety tips for riding a UTV. Keep reading to learn more about safely adventuring in your UTV.

Tip #1: Staying on the Trail

Staying on the designated UTV trail will help you avoid disaster. The trails are safer because they’re groomed and designed for a UTV. That means you should steer clear of ditches, rocks, and other things that could get your vehicle stuck or pop your tires. 

The last thing you want is a flat tire while you’re out on an adventure! Other terrains may seem tempting, but they can be dangerous for yourself, your riders, and your vehicle. 

This might seem disappointing, but the right trails have plenty of variety. There are different terrains and paths that include exciting slopes, twists and turns, and more. You can enjoy riding these terrains without worrying about damaging your UTV.
Just keep in mind that if you are driving on a slope, you shouldn’t turn completely. Fully turning your vehicle can easily lead to your UTV tipping downhill, which could injure you. Wait until you’ve reached a flat terrain to turn your UTV safely. 

Also, we can’t express enough that you should never ride on a public road! The only time a UTV should ever be on a public road is when it’s attached to another vehicle and being transported to a UTV trail. Public roads are not designed for UTVs and could cause a severe accident. 

Tip #2: Don’t Ride Alone

As fun as it can be to get in your UTV spontaneously and hit the trails, we don’t recommend going alone. It’s always a good idea to have another vehicle with you just in case there’s an accident or an emergency. For example, being duly prepared with two cars will ensure you can ride to meet an ambulance if there’s a severe injury.

However, we don’t recommend riding with another passenger in the same UTV you’re in. Although some UTVs are designed for two passengers, it’s not the safest option. If you crash, your injuries will likely be worse. It’s much safer to take two UTVs out to the trails. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Arms and Legs in the Vehicle

Each rider should have their own seat and be able to sit in the UTV properly. Workarounds like crouching in the UTV are unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. 

Each passenger should be tall enough to reach a handhold while their backs are still against the seat behind them and their feet are on the floor. If your passengers are too short for that, they’re too short to ride. This could be very disappointing for an eager adolescent, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
It may be tempting to scream at the thrill of your adventure while throwing your hands up in the air near the end of your UTV ride, but this can easily lead to accidents and injuries. 

As they say about rollercoasters, keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. Keep your feet where your feet go, and keep your hands on the handles. You can relive the thrill of your adventure later! 

Tip #4: Choose the Right Side-by-Side

A side-by-side can greatly impact your driving. The wrong side-by-side can make driving very tricky. If you’re going into a woodland area with a side-by-side equipped for sand dunes, that’ll make driving very difficult.
Different side-by-sides have different tires and different abilities. To ensure having a great trip no matter where you are, be sure that you have a compatible side—by—side that works with your UTV and your chosen terrain.


Tip #5: Wear the Right Gear

Having the proper gear is another essential element to enjoying a safe UTV ride. There will always be elements outside of your control. Wearing safety gear will protect you from the unexpected. 

Proper gear starts with a good quality helmet to protect your head from falls. You could still get a concussion, but a helmet could protect you from a more severe head injury like a traumatic brain injury.

Next, you’ll need a long-sleeve shirt and pants, sturdy boots, and some solid goggles. You should ensure that your head and face are protected from any potential flying debris or extreme wind. Simply put, if an object comes flying at you, you want to be protected against it to minimize and hopefully prevent injury.
Wear goggles that are comfortable, anti-fog, and secure. Your visibility is important, and your eye protection is necessary. The last thing you want is permanent eye damage! 

You should be wearing gear similar to hiking gear. You’ll need sturdy shoes as you’ll be on rough terrain. Long sleeves and pants are necessary to help you avoid potential scratches or other harms that can easily reach you within your vehicle. Bushwhacking is very common in UTV riding.

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