How To Spot Signs of Rust Early

You want to take great care of your UTV, which is why you regularly get the oil changed and spray off all the mud that cakes the sides of your machine after a particularly gnarly ride. But there are some maintenance items that are easier to forget, like watching for signs of rust. It may be hard to catch at first, but once it takes hold of your UTV rust can cause some serious trouble.

For example, if you have leaking shock seals and rust is able to take hold, it can shorten the life of your shocks. Ball joints that need to be serviced and lubricated and aren’t can dry out when the seal breaks. They can begin to rust and will eventually fail.

The best way to avoid unnecessary repairs and damage to your UTV is to learn how to spot signs of rust early. The good news is it’s not difficult! Here’s what you should do…

Wash Regularly

You’re already spraying down your UTV… good! Keep it up. That is one of the first steps in spotting signs of rust. When you leave mud and dirt on your UTV it will trap moisture against the metal. Even on a good coat of paint you’re asking for trouble, but in the more likely circumstance that you’ve got a little knick or scratch in the paint you’ll end up with rust before you know it.  

By washing your UTV regularly and drying it thoroughly you’ll remove the moisture and any opportunity for rust to take hold.

Another advantage of regularly washing your UTV is that as you wash you’ll be able to catch any scratch, knick, or dent in the body of your UTV.

Quickly Fix Damage

When you come across any damage to the body of your UTV, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect it for early signs of rust. If you don’t catch it quickly you can be sure rust has already started to form. Even the smallest amount of damage to your paint can lead to rust. When you do find damage, fix it as quickly as possible.

Inspect the Frame

It may be easy to see damage to the body of your UTV, but it is more difficult to catch damage to the frame and undercarriage. One of the best ways to spot signs of rust early is to be sure to inspect the frame and harder to reach areas of your UTV. It won’t be the easiest or most convenience chore, but as you catch rust early it will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

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