3 Best Sand Dunes in Utah

If you’re looking for a little getaway from the dreary weather but don’t have the time to travel to an exotic location, Utah has your back. With a wide range of UTV trails all within the state, you can find just about any kind topography you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re looking for mountainous trails, for some good mudding runs, or to test your handling in the sand you can find it in the Beehive State. And when it comes to sand and sun, Utah has plenty of options. Here are the three best sand dunes in Utah.

1. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Located in Kanab, Utah, this state park with more than 3,700 acres of coral-colored dunes waiting to be explored will help you get your fill of sand. It is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs and juniper forests, so whenever you need to take a break you can easily spend it soaking in the beauty all around you. There is also plenty of wildlife to observe too!

If you’re looking to stay for a few days, camping in the area is quite and relaxing. And if you are looking to head into town you can find some fun local restaurants in Kanab, as well as explore the history of hollywood filming in the area. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes are also located just southeast of Zion National Park, so not only will you have views over the Zion area, but you are also close enough to take a visit there as well.

2. Little Sahara Sand Dune

The Little Sahara Sand Dunes in the Sevier Desert of central Utah is the perfect place to take your Polaris Ranger with folding windshield (it’ll come in handy with all that sand flying around!).. With nearly 60,000 acres of giant sand dunes, you will not be disappointed. If you’re looking for a challenge and are into climbing (nearly 700 feet high!), check out Sand Mountain. Riding bowls can be found in the White Sand Dunes. The low-lying Dunes southwest of Black Mountain offer some great terrain for beginners.

3. Sand Hollow State Park

If you’re looking for some sand racing, look no further than the Sand Hollow State Park. The 20,000 acres of red dunes happens to be the new headquarters for the WORCS races. But besides racing, it is also one of the most visited destinations in the Utah State Park System. Whether you want to ride, race, boat, or bike, you’ll find something to do at Sand Hollow.
If you visit in the summertime,  you can cool off in the refreshing reservoir there. While not as tall as the Sand Mountain at Little Sahara, the 200-foot Sand Mountain that Sand Hollow has to offer is nothing to scoff at.  

When you hit the dunes, you’ll be trying to keep as much sand out of your face as you can. That’s where a windshield comes in handy. Whether you’re shopping for a Quadgear UTV windshield, a Classic Accessories UTV windshield, or want to go with a homemade windshield for your side by side, it will definitely come in handy on your trip to one of the three best sand dunes in Utah. Above all, you want the best UTV windshield material. To find that, look no further than UTV Windshield & Accessories.

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