How to Plug Your UTV Tire in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are on sandy dunes or a mountain trail, a flat tire on your UTV can happen to anyone, anywhere without warning. Because flat tires are common, it is wise to bring along a spare tire or plugging kit on every excursion. Otherwise, your exciting UTV adventure was just canceled. Thankfully, plugging a tire is quick, simple, and very effective — much more convenient than a hillside tire swap.

Continue reading to learn how to plug your UTV tire in three easy steps.

Supplies You’ll Need to Plug Your UTV Tire

You’ll need a tire plug kit that comes with a reaming tool and installer tool. You’ll find that one kit varies from the next. Many come with a variety of plugs, a tube of rubber cement or glue, patches, CO2 inflator and cartridges, and more. A simple kit that contains plugs, tools, and glue should do the trick.

How to Plug Your UTV Tire in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1 — Find the Hole and Prepare it for the Plug

First, you will need to locate the hole in your tire. Next, use the reaming tool found in your kit to make the puncture large enough to place a plug. The use of the reaming tool will also scuff up the rubber, giving it texture, so the plug and glue have something to grasp. To properly ream the hole, you’ll want to twist your tool back and forth in an upwards and downwards motion several times.

STEP 2 — Prepare the Plug for the Hole

Now that your tire is prepared, you’ll need to prepare your plug. Select your rubber plug from the sheet inside your kit, position it in your installer tool, and apply a generous amount of rubber cement or glue to the full length of the plug.

STEP 3 — Insert the Plug into the Hole

Use the tip of your installer tool to push the plug down into the puncture until only a quarter to a half an inch sticks out. Make sure you don’t push the plug too far into the hole. Be careful because the glue can act as a lubricant, making the plug installation faster and easier than you may have thought. Next, remove your installer tool, and allow the plug to sit for a few minutes. If plug sticks out more than a quarter or half an inch, use sharp scissors or a knife to trim it down. That’s it! An easy and painless process to plug your UTV tire.

If the puncture is small, a correctly set plug can last as long as the tire will. If the hole is bigger, you can at least count on the plug lasting until you can get your UTV to your garage or the repair shop.

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