How To Keep your Dogs Safe in a UTV

When they say man’s best friend, they really aren’t kidding. Your dog is loyal, always ready for a game of fetch or some affection after a rough day.

And of course that means they’re up for any adventure you want to go on, including ones with your UTV. But unlike loading your dog up in the car, you may be hesitant to put your dog in your UTV.

But there’s great news! You can easily and safely take your dog along on the trails with you, it will just require some forethought and preparation. Here’s how to keep your dog safe in a UTV.


One way to make sure your dog is safe and secure is to keep a kennel crate secured to your UTV. The bed of your UTV is the perfect place to strap down a crate and transport your dog. You won’t have to worry your pup getting loose, being thrown or jumping from your UTV, or worse, knocking into you while you’re driving.

Crate Protection

If you do put your dog in a crate, make sure they’ll be properly protected from the elements. When it’s hot be sure there is plenty of ventilation in the crate to allow them a good breeze, and be sure to give them plenty of access to water. When the weather is cold, invest in a crate cover to keep them warm.

Food and Water

Speaking of access to water in hot weather, make sure your dog has access to food and water in general during any of your UTV trips. If you are hungry or thirsty, your dog probably is too. Don’t leave home without the proper supplies for you and your pet.


You can’t predict everything that will happen, and some dogs have gotten lost while out on the trail. That’s why it’s important that your dog have a collar with their name, your contact information, and even vaccinations. That way if you get seperated and your dog is found you’ll be able to bring your dog home. If you know your dog is prone to taking off, you may also want to consider a training collar or obedience classes before hitting the trails. The great outdoors isn’t necessarily a great place to begin teaching your dog to “stay” and “come”. If they get too far away, it’ll be hard to get them back.


If you do decide to keep your dog with you in the cab of your UTV, keep them and yourself safe by making sure you have a UTV windshield. A strong windshield made from MR10 Lexan can help keep you and your dog safe by deflecting debris and any elements you come across.

Don’t settle for cheap UTV windshields or the hassle of a homemade windshield for your side-by-side. Instead, choose the best windshield for your side-by-side made from the best UTV windshield material.

UTV Windshields & Accessories can help you find the right windshield for your UTV, you and your dog. Give them a call today!

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