How To Build Your Own UTV

Whether you already own a UTV or not, there’s no denying the fun that comes from taking it out on the trails and tearing it up with family members or friends.  Some UTV enthusiasts may also have an interest in engineering, design, and hands-on building. If that’s the case, there may be a project that lets you combine several of your favorite things – homemade UTVs.   While not for the faint of heart, a homemade UTV can be a super fun project with a super fun outcome too.   There’s no greater feeling knowing the machine you’re out cruising on was one you put together with your own two hands!   There are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to building a homemade UTV.   You can either start from scratch, or modify an existing UTV (whether it’s in decent condition or just scraps).  

Major UTV Components For Your Build



An engine is of course a very important component of any UTV. Some builders have used street bike engines or even lawn motor engines when putting together their homemade UTV.   But to be safe you may want to consider purchasing an engine specifically for at-home UTV builds.  


Modifying an existing UTV will eliminate the need to even worry about this step. But if you are wanting to go the purely homemade route, it is very possibly to fabricate a chassis at home.   If you do at home fabrication, or even if you’re just piecing things together, you may need to have a welding skillset.  


  You’re also going to need a good transaxle as well if you want a quality homemade UTV.   Like the other necessary elements of your UTV, a transaxle can be modified from other machines (like a lawn mower, potentially) but if you don’t have the time or energy to tinker around with a transaxle that might not work in the end, you can find a transaxle for your specific needs online.   Just like with the chassis, to really make a homemade UTV that will stay in one piece, you’re going to want to have some welding skills.   If you don’t, not to worry! Many communities or local high schools and colleges offer evening classes.   While these are just some basics and a good starting point for your homemade UTV, with research and patience a homemade UTV is totally doable.  


  If you’re building your own UTV, one aspect of your UTV that you should probably leave to professionals is the windshield.   While you may find tutorials or instructions online, to ensure you’re getting a high-quality polycarbonate windshield that will last year and years you’ll want to go to someone who knows what they’re doing.   The experts at UTV Windshields and Accessories have been making and custom fitting windshields since 2009, made only from the highest quality polycarbonate.   Give yourself a clear view of the road as well as protection from the elements and any debris you may kick up and choose to get your windshield from UTV Windshields and Accessories.

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