How Safe Are Side-by-Sides?

Side-by-sides are a great way to get into nature and have a little fun, but how safe are they really?

Keep reading to find out what dangers UTVs can pose, and learn some key safety tips. 

How Safe Are Side-By-Sides?

Because UTVs are relatively new, not much information has yet been collected on how many deaths and injuries they cause each year. Because of this it’s important to exercise caution when using your UTV. Some of the biggest risks you may encounter are:

  • Rollovers-  A rollover could eject passengers from the vehicle, resulting in injury or even death. UTVs are made to withstand rocky, uneven terrain. Because of this, one of the riskiest places to ride your UTV is the paved road as its tires aren’t able to grab on to the smooth surface as easily, increasing your chances of rolling over. You also run the risk of a rollover if you attempt to climb hills that may be too steep for your vehicle.
  • Crashes- If you’re not focused while driving your UTV you run the risk of crashing into trees or even animals while off-roading. The risk of crashing is heightened if you’re driving on paved roads, as you could collide with another vehicle. 
  • Flying debris- The tires of the UTV can disturb rocks, dirt, and twigs as you drive and send them flying toward passengers. If you’re not wearing protective gear debris could hit you in the head or eyes at a high speed. 

UTVs are often compared to their cousin ATVs in terms of safety, however UTVs have certain safety features that ATVs don't, including seatbelts and a roll bar. 

Side-By-Side Safety Tips

As with any vehicle there are extra steps you can take to keep yourself safe while driving or riding in a UTV. Here are our top seven safety tips: 

  1. Take a UTV safety course. Before your first ride you can search for a safety course in your area that will prepare you for the dangers you could encounter. 
  2. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear. You and any passengers in your UTV, should always wear a helmet when you ride to prevent any head injury and goggles to keep debris out of your eyes. 
  3. Buckle your seatbelt. In case of a rollover or just bumpy terrain, strapping yourself in can help prevent you from flying out of the UTV. 
  4. Keep a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher on board. You don’t want to be unprepared in case of emergency. 
  5. Always ride sober. A drunken joyride may sound fun in the moment, but drunk driving in any form can have fatal consequences. 
  6. Don’t allow any extra passengers. The number of passengers in a UTV should not exceed the number of seats and seatbelts. This also means no passengers in the cargo area. 
  7. Only let adults drive. The minimum driving age for UTVs is 16, so while it may seem fun to let a child drive it’s not only unsafe but illegal as well. 

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