Can You Repair a UTV Windshield?

Windshield scratches are a common occurrence while riding UTVs, so you might wonder if you can repair a UTV windshield. Unlike car windshields, those on ATVs and UTVs are typically made of polycarbonate. This strong and durable material can withstand a lot of pressure and isn’t prone to shattering like glass or acrylic is. Polycarbonate can, however, be scratched or cracked. If this happens to your UTV windshield, here are some steps you can try to repair it.

Wash Your UTV Windshield

It’s unsafe to drive with a windshield covered in mud, and it’s also impossible to make any repairs if your windshield isn’t clean. This step is important, but take care to use gentle soaps and soft towels. Improper cleaning can quickly do more damage than good to your windshield. Avoid washing your windshield in extremely hot or cold temperatures, and do not ever use commercial window cleaning products since they contain high amounts of ammonia or alcohol that can damage polycarbonate windshields. 

Start by rinsing your windshield with clean water to remove excess mud, dirt, and grime. Then use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth with warm water and a mild dish soap to gently wipe the windshield. After washing, rinse again to remove the soap completely and then dry thoroughly with a soft, dry towel. 

Buff and Polish Scratches

Apply a fine grade, plastic-safe buffing compound to buff out the scratch. Use a soft cloth to apply the compound in a circular motion over the scratches. Once you’re satisfied with the results, wash off the compound with mild soap and warm water. Failing to use water to remove it could result in more scratches. 

After buffing, apply a polishing compound that is safe for plastic. A wax-based polish can be helpful to keep bugs off of your windshield. Once the polish is neatly applied, any scratches should be either significantly diminished or removed altogether.

Repair Cracks with Solvent Cement

While buffing out scratches is simple and straightforward, it can be much more difficult to repair a UTV windshield that is cracked. One method you can try to fix the crack is filling it with solvent cement. The following steps can walk you through this method:

  1. Use painters tape to protect the windshield immediately around the crack. Leave ¼” of the windshield around the crack exposed.
  2. Apply a small amount of solvent cement to the crack and allow it to dry for two hours, then remove the tape.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the crack on the other side of the windshield. 
  4. Use a buffing compound and a soft rag to remove any residual solvent cement from the windshield. 
  5. Finally, wash both sides of the windshield using a soft rag, warm water, and mild soap.

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