How Do You Put On a Side-by-Side Roof?

If you want protection from the elements, you might want a side-by-side roof for your ATV. A roof will shield you from the sun’s glare, cold winter elements, and rainy days. The protection that side-by-side roofs provide will have you feeling confident in your ability to enjoy riding in your ATV, regardless of the outdoor elements.

While this could sound ideal to you, you might not know how to install one. In today’s blog, we’re talking about the different types of roofs you can put on your ATV and how to install them or get them installed.

The Different Kinds of Roofs

There are multiple ATVs to choose from and a roof to go with each kind. ATVs don’t come with roofs, so they’ll be an accessory that you need to purchase. You can buy a roof when you buy your ATV, or you can wait until a later time.

  • Soft side-by-side tops are polyester and secured to the UTV with velcro straps. They are the most straightforward kind of roof to install. They’re not super durable. They won’t protect you from a hailstorm, but they’re great if you just need protection from the rain or the sun. They’re the most affordable option you’ll find.
  • Plastic side-by-side tops are usually injection molded with black HDPE. Plastic roofs provide a moderate amount of protection. They’re more durable than soft side-by-sides, but they still won’t protect you from extreme elements.
  • Tinted side-by-side tops are made from durable polycarbonate. This material is excellent for blocking out heat without blocking your view.
  • Aluminum side-by-side tops are the best but most expensive option for your roofing needs. Aluminum will truly protect you against all the elements.

How to Install Your Roof

If you purchase a soft side-by-side roof, you can easily install it with the help of a friend or family member. You just need to get the material across the top of your ATV and secure the Velcro straps in place. You don’t need any hardware.

Plastic, tinted, and aluminum roofs usually come with mounting hardware and detailed instruction manuals. No two models are the same, so following the directions carefully is essential, even if you’ve installed a roof before. 

Typically, you can handle most of the installation independently or with a friend’s help. But, unless you’re a skilled welder, you’ll need to hire a professional for some roof installations where the top needs to be welded down.

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