Everything You Need To Know About Your UTV’s Tires

Knowing how you need to take care of your UTV tires is a step in the right direction for sustaining your adventure vehicle the right way.

Taking care of your UTV has many aspects to it. Proper maintenance on your UTV will keep it running smoothly for years and years of play. 

What Tires Do I Need?

Depending on where you will be riding your UTV, will depend on what tires you need. You can definitely have all purpose tires installed on your UTV that allow for any type of terrain. There are specific kinds of tires for mud environments, sand, and dirt, depending on your preference.

How Do I Keep My Tires In Good Condition?

The best way to keep your tires in good condition is to take care of them. Be aware of your surroundings and check for any item that could possibly puncture a tire or deflate it before and after you drive. Keeping your tires at their specific tire pressure specifications is also necessary in their longevity and wearability.

How Do I Store My UTV To Keep My Tires In Good Shape?

When not in use, storing your UTV raised off any garage floor or cement, will help the tires last longer. The cold or hot ground will not affect their tire pressure as severely when they are suspended in the air. Cover your UTV when it is being stored as well, this prevents any weather ailments from causing any harm, but also keeps away any critters that like to chew or build their houses in sheds or garages.

Do I Need To Adjust My Tire Pressure?

Some UTV riders adjust their tire pressure depending on the terrain they are riding on. For example, when riding on sand or warmer surfaces- individual riders may drop their tire pressure by 10 psi to have better grip on red rock or sand. This is not recommended because improper tire pressure can result in an uneven vehicle or faulty maneuvering techniques. Keeping your tires at the proper specified tire pressure is best.

Why Do UTV’s Have Different Size Tires On The Front & Back?

You might notice when you purchase a UTV, that the tires on the front of the vehicle are a different size than the tires on the back of the vehicle. This isn't a drastic difference, but it is noticeable. The tires on the front of the UTV are smaller to provide more accurate and easier steering capability.The larger tires installed on the rear allow for better traction. Together they make a unique and sustainable combo. If your vehicle has the difference in tire sizes, making sure your model is designed for the difference and also making sure it is not a large difference will be key in safety and maneuverability of your vehicle and model.

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