Everything You Need To Know About Seat Belts For UTVs

You might not know much about seat belts for UTVs when you become a UTV owner, but the truth is there is more to them than meets the eye. 

In this article, we are reviewing seatbelts for UTVs, the different types, why you need them, and how to choose. 

Do All UTVs Need Seatbelts?

The short answer to this question is yes. You are riding a UTV in Utah at high speeds and off-roading. Sometimes terrain or weather can be unpredictable. You are going to need a seat belt safety unit to keep you in the UTV correctly. The UTV that you purchase will come with a set of seatbelts already installed. If you buy a UTV and want to change the seatbelts, there are the different belt and harness options available depending on what you are looking for.

What Types Of Seatbelts Are Available?

When discussing seat belts for UTVs, you will hear the term “point.” This term refers to the number of connecting points from the belt to the seat. For seatbelt options, you will find 2-point belts and 3- point belts available to install in your UTV.

2 -Point Belts: These are a single strip of fabric from the shoulder to the hip. They are minimal security and do not provide the maximum safety that other belts or harnesses can.

3 -Point Belts: These belts are similar to the ones you find in your car. They help you stay put in the event of a crash or collision. It is made of a single strip of fabric from the shoulder to the hip and the addition of the lap belt. Most UTVs will come with this type of belt as standard.

What Types Of Harnesses Are Available?

4- Point Harness: If you want more stability and safety, a harness might be the route to take for you. This harness has two front belts that connect in the center and a strong lap belt in addition.

5- Point Harness: This harness is similar to the 4- point harness but is a step up in features. It also has a connection between the legs as well. This is included for riders not to fall out or slip out of their seats while riding.

6-Point Harness: The 6- point harness is the most secure harness of the three mentioned here. It has all the features of the 5- point harness with an added bar or connector in between the legs.

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