Do I Need A UTV Permit To Drive In Another State?

Whether you are a seasoned UTV rider or new to UTVs, knowing if you need a UTV permit to drive in another state is helpful information to have. 

So what does it look like if you want to drive your UTV in a state other than your own? Here are the ins and outs of adventuring in a new place and other rules and regulations for UTV permits.

How Can I Find Out If I Need A UTV Permit?

If you do not live in Utah but are traveling here for your UTV riding, there are some things to know beforehand. The first item on your checklist is to obtain a non-resident permit for you and your OHV. You will need to prove that you live out of state and that your vehicle is not owned by a Utah resident.

If I Need A Permit, How Much Does It Cost?

If you find that you need a permit to operate your UTV in Utah, you can purchase your permit online. The cost is $30.00 and an additional $5.00 fee is accrued for online service. To avoid the online fee of $5.00 you can pick up your permit from one of the following vendors found here. Remember to bring with you your proof of residency and proof of title. Keep in mind that this permit is not a pass that never expires. It has a set time limit for usage and will have an expiration date set on it depending on the date of purchase. It will need to be renewed to be continuously used. Ensuring you keep this date in mind will mean you always have the opportunity for adventure at your fingertips.

If I Purchase A Permit, How Long Is It Good For?

Upon completing your purchase of an out-of-state permit for your vehicle in Utah, it will be usable for 12 months. This 12 month time period starts from the time of purchase. 

Are The UTV Laws For Each State Different?

Depending on the state you are traveling to, you may find different rules for obtaining a UTV permit. As states can be different, checking before you travel is your safest option to ensure you don't hit any bumps in the road- literally and figuratively that is. To find out more information on the rules for permits for UTVs in different states you can find that here.

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