Custom Fitting Windshields to Any Roof

You just bought your dream UTV—or a fleet of them—but the windshields they came with just weren’t up to snuff. Maybe you knew that going in and figured it would be a breeze to get them replaced. It certainly should be, but just like those “custom” all weather mats you ordered for your car, you realize too late that custom doesn’t necessarily mean handcrafted just for you. When did “good enough” become acceptable, especially with something as crucial as vehicle accessories? While it’s true that technically a number of stock windshields can (kind of, in a way) be fitted onto the roof of your UTV, if it’s not personalized and expertly cut just for you, you’re going to have issues. There are some windshield providers who do a hack job, offering up “custom windshields” which look like they were cut by an amateur with a massive pair of scissors. You, your investment, your UTV and the job at hand deserve better. Putting the “Personal” Back Into Personalized Regardless of the UTV’s cost, it’s an investment and it’s meant to last for several years. What you need is a truly personalized windshield that was cut with care and by professional hands to seamlessly fit your machine. This is the only way to ensure a flawless finish with no drafts and no weak spots. What happens if a sudden storm hits or you battle back draft on a regular basis? Even a tiny gap between the roof and windshield can wreak havoc. It’s an unfortunate fact that many UTV windshield providers do the bare minimum, attaching windshields to roofs when there’s plenty of room for improvement. Keep in mind that even if the windshield is the best in quality, that quality is going to suffer if cutting and installation fails. A truly custom job requires a professional who has spent years honing their skills and talent, as well as a knack for perfectly aligning lines and systems, to optimize performance. Making the Most of Your UTV A vehicle can be improved or destroyed from the accessories attached. Make sure your UTV has the best tools and fittings possible to achieve a job well done. Many times, UTVs are tasked with tough jobs, and your workers are put in vulnerable positions. You wouldn’t send them on a job without the right safety gear, would you? Consider a properly fitted windshield the first line of protection between you or your worker and the elements. Not only will a custom fitting improve function and durability, but it also improves aesthetics. Who says you can’t look good doing a tough job? UTV Windshields & Accessories produces nothing but the highest quality UTV windshields.

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