Can You Ride a UTV in Utah's National Parks?

So you have a UTV and you are excited to plan your next adventure in Utah’s National Parks, which is understandable. 

Can you ride a UTV in all of the parks across Utah? We will tell you the ins and outs of owning an off-road vehicle and where you are allowed to ride.

What Are The National Parks In Utah?

Utah is a beautiful place to visit. There are miles and miles of mountains and lush greenery, but you can also find desert and sand. The weather gives you a vast difference throughout the year, with all seasons coming into full swing at some point during the year. We are going to highlight   5 National Parks in Utah that offer breathtaking views and incredible adventuring opportunities. The 5 National Parks are :

  1. Arches
  2. Canyonlands
  3. Zions 
  4. Capitol Reef
  5. Bryce Canyon

All of these Parks are available to visit at any time, although the weather will determine if there are any closures or changes to the original calendar schedule.

Which Parks Allow You to Ride a UTV?

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a beautiful sight to behold. This park has many trails you can adventure on that are near the park. These trails are namely; Copper Ridge Trail, Dome Plateau Trail, Hells Revenge Trail, Metal Masher Trail, Moab Rim Trail, & Seven Mile Rim Trail.


 ATVs are not prohibited inside the park and all vehicles must be street legal to ride here. Canyonlands National Park is one of the best places to go offroading on an adventure. There are trails around Canyonlands that you can drive on. White Rim Road, Colorado Overlook, Horse Canyon/Peekaboo, Lavender Canyon, Elephant Hill & Flint Trail.

Zions National Park

There are no trails that are UTV accessible inside the park. Although there are some trails that are nearby. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes provide optimal riding as well as Sand Hollow. Both of these locations are near Zions National Park.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is found in Southern Utah. It is a place where you can ride your UTV but only on designated trails and routes. Some of these sites you can adventure on are: Cathedral Valley, Hartnet Road, Caineville Wash Road, Burr Trail, Boulder Mountain, South Draw Road, & Notom-Bullfrog Road.

Bryce Canyon National Park

There are no trails designated for riding in Bryce Canyon National Park. There is a nearby forest where you can find trails to drive your UTV. These trails are in Red Canyon, and you are still able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the red rock even though you are not inside the park. The trails you can ride on are: Fremont ATV Trail & Pine Lake OHV Trail.

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