5 of The Best Autumn UTV Rides

Kawasaki UTV windshields go with trails in autumn like pumpkins go with hayrides for Halloween. The cool season is right around the corner, and Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to upgrade your UTV with the latest and greatest accessories. Kawasaki UTV windshields, whether half- or full-tilt, maximize your UTV’s comfort and safety. Windshields provide added protection in accidents, as you drive through brambles, and they serve as fixed faceguards to keep bugs, rain and kicked-up dust and mud at bay. Heading into the cooler months, adding more security features to your UTV can help ensure smooth sailing for weekend adventures. Back-to-school season means back to some of the most beautiful trails around. Consider this your itinerary for trails to try this season:

1. Mona Pole Canyon Trail:

Technically, this is an aging mining road. Located in Utah off I-15 (Exit 250), the fall colors provide a stunning backdrop (and the snow trails in the winter aren’t too shabby, either). The first part of the trail can be a little bumpy, which is ideal for adrenaline junkies, but it quickly smooths out so you can enjoy the aspens, pines and the multitude of deer.

2. Chippewa County UTV Trail:

Nestled in gorgeous Wyoming, this trail is surrounded by humongous glaciers in over 30,000 sprawling acres of forest. At just 19 miles, it might seem like a short trail, but it what it lacks in length it makes up for in challenges. The climbs are steep, the drops dramatic and the views are unbelievable.

3. Red Feather Lakes:

Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado is home to this gem, featuring 100 miles of UTV trails (all double track). If you have any motorcycle enthusiasts in your group, there’s an additional 7 miles of single track fun just for them. The area near Livermore, Colorado, has an abundance of thrilling trails, but the options and length of this particular region make it a favorite.

4. Kentuck ORV Trail:

An Alabama treasure, Kentuck (not Kentucky!) offers myriad trails for riders of all levels. Choose your terrain and take off on 23 miles of bump-free stretches and challenging climbs. Located 60 miles from Birmingham, this trail is popular with campers, but watch the weather reports. When it rains, you’ll have a muddy trail on your hands — an added bonus for some.

5. Houston Valley:

Situated in Georgia, this ORV region boasts 2,600 acres with over 20 miles of trails. Suitable for riders of all ages and abilities, rain is no problem in this UTV area. It remains largely dry even after a storm, and boasts a fun cocktail of hills, crossings, mud, clay and rocks. Camping is allowed, which makes Houston Valley an ideal autumn getaway. Contact UTV Windshields and Accessories today, and make sure your Kawasaki UTV windshields are in place before your big autumn trip.

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