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4 Things You Can Do in an ATV that You Can’t in a Car

“It’s a UTV thing”—for many UTV enthusiasts, whether you have a Honda Pioneer or a Polaris Ranger, you know there are certain things you can do in your ATV or UTV that you just can’t swing in your daily commuter. It’s something car-only drivers just don’t understand, and it’s why it’s so easy to get hooked once you test out a UTV for the first time. Exactly what you can manage depends entirely on your UTV, your region and your skill sets. Maybe it’s the thrill of the open trails that got you into these off-roading machines, perhaps you were tired of your manual labor tasks being a little too manual (and you needed some hauling help) or maybe you discovered just what a great workout ATVing could be. As the first snow settles onto your favorite winter trails, remember why you fell in love with your UTV in the first place: 1. Take the road less travelled Taking a drive to check out the autumn leaves might be romantic, but there’s something about “off the beaten path” that just appeals to you. You’re going to get a unique experience and really get back in touch with nature when you head to the trails instead of the highway. There’s just no comparison, and you need to experience it to believe it. 2. Squeeze in a workout Numerous studies on the health benefits of ATVing have been conducted and the results are in—it’s a killer workout that doesn’t seem like it! Technically racecar drivers also get a workout, but unless you’re a pro with access to an expensive racecar and a track, it’s dangerous to try to drive like a NASCAR great. The secret to a healthy style is finding what you love doing to be active and indulge on a regular basis. 3. Haul serious equipment without wasting gas You’d be surprised by the kinds of loads UTVs can carry. In some instances, they’re right on par with trucks, but without wasting so much gas. Perfect for landscaping and maintenance projects, you can cut your workload in half (or more!), or provide your employees with the necessary tools to get the job done safer and faster. 4. Play host Maybe you manage an apartment community, resort or even an airport. Sometimes you have guests who need fast transportation that’s easy to board and can access narrow passageways that full-sized vehicles can’t. It’s a UTV to the rescue when an elderly passenger needs to make a connecting flight or a guest on crutches wants a tour of the facilities. What does your UTV do that’s made your life easier?

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