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3 Must-Have UTV Accessories for Summer

Do you have all the UTV accessories you need for summer? Unless you have an Arctic Cat or other snow-loving machine, the summer months are when your UTV sees the most action. The right accessories can make a huge difference in safety, aesthetics and just how much fun you have on the trails. If you use a UTV for work, whether for landscaping or apartment tours, summer is also the time when comfort becomes critical. Nobody is going to be impressed getting a tour around your golf course when the UTV is unbearably hot or otherwise uncomfortable. Accessorizing is the key to a great outfit — and it’s also the key to a safer and more pleasant ride in a UTV. Don’t assume that your UTV came with every accessory you need or want. Many upgrades, add-ons and features are available. Plus, UTVs are famous for taking a beating, especially while off-roading. The accessories your machine came with, even if they were top-of-the-line at the time, face a lot of wear and tear. Now that summer is in full swing, make sure your machine is kitted out in every way possible. Your next ride should be one for the record books, and it can be with these critical accessories:
  • Windshield: Take a close look at your UTV’s windshield. Is it in great shape, scratch-free and really as durable as it should be? If you’ve had your UTV for a while and put some serious miles on it, it might be time to replace the windshield. If the windshield you have isn’t high quality or designed for your specific make and model, you can instantly optimize your security by upgrading the windshield.
  • Rear back window: Obviously you’re going to need a fantastic windshield to keep safe and sound while tooling around, but what about the back windows? These can help optimize safety, keep bugs and debris out, and trap temperate air (which is a must in some of the more extreme regions). The Polaris Ranger in particular benefits from such an accessory, given the otherwise open design of the machine.
  • Soft tops: As anyone who’s had a convertible knows, the real upside is being able to choose whether you “go topless” or not. A soft top is easy to put on, take off and lets you enjoy your UTV either way on your own terms. Some UTVs come with no coverage at all, while others might be sold with subpar soft tops. This is an affordable, easy and beneficial feature you’ll be glad you added.
If you don’t love your UTV, you’re not going to get out on the trails, get work done or otherwise have as much fun with it as you should. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories today to customize your ride with the UTV accessories you need (and want!) for summer.
  • Kody Loveless says...

    Sweet thanks for some great ideas. I love to take my UTV out to the desert on the weekends. I am a little bit of a desert rat. The summers can get a little hot though. I never thought about putting a rear window on my UTV. I need to do that. I am sure it will help reduce the heat from the exhaust into the cabin.

    On May 01, 2017

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