2023 top utv trails in utah

For those who are just itching to get back out there on the UTV trails in Utah, we’ve got some incredible trails you can’t miss exploring in 2023. So if you live in Utah, own a UTV, and love riding some of the most beautiful trails in the country, you’ll definitely want to check out these trails that are rated some of the best to start your 2023 UTV journey.

The greatest thing about Utah is that you have a massive variety of landscapes to choose from. From rugged mountains filled with fragrant pine trees, red rocks, and sand dunes to lakeside trails. There is something for everyone, and you are sure to never get bored with the same ol’ trail. 

Here are some “must see/travel” Utah UTV trails to start your adventures: 

Pine Lake Trail

Pine Lake trail is located near Panguitch, which is about 3 hours south of Provo, Utah. It features some of the most mind-blowing scenic loops that wind through Dixie National Forest. This trail has a ton of lookout points to stop at and take in the scenery. While you are there, you should make a UTV camping trip out of it and stay at the Pine Lake campground, which has direct access to dirtbike and four-wheeling trails. 

Pine Lake Trail Details: 

Difficulty: easy 

Approximate Mileage: 21-mile loop  

Approximate Elevation: 7,500 ft. - 10,200 ft. 

Type of Path: Mostly two-way 

Campground Within Close Proximity: Pine Lake campground 

Trails for Hiking: Pine Lake Hiking Trail 

Restaurants Nearby: Stone Hearth Grille and i.d.k. BBQ

Skyline Drive Trail 

Skyline Drive Trail is approximately 2 hours south of Salt Lake City. It is located in the Manti-La Sal Forest. It has hundreds of trails ranging from easy to difficult, but they all have breathtaking views. You won’t want to miss the most famous trail – the Skyline Drive trail, which will take you to the top of the mountain and open up to a stunning summit. The trails at Skyline Drive are amazing, and there are fantastic spots for camping, fishing, hiking, and just taking in nature's abundance of aspens and wildflowers. 

Skyline Drive Trail Details: 

Difficulty: medium 

Approximate Mileage: 27 miles  

Approximate Elevation: 4,3500 ft. - 9,100 ft. 

Campground Within Close Proximity: Manti La Sal National Forest 

Trails for Hiking: Skyline Drive Hiking Trail 

Restaurants Nearby: local favorites: Home Plate Cafe and T-Cee’s Dari Frez. 

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Little Sahara Sand Dunes is near Nephi, Utah. These sandy hills and valleys are a great place to test the maneuvers of your UTV. This is the perfect place to practice old tricks and create new ones going up, over, and down the sandy drops - fun fact: this is the perfect example of why a UTV dust guard is essential. Sand has a way of getting in every nook and cranny.  

Little Sahara Sand Dunes Details: 

Difficulty: easy-difficult 

Approximate Mileage: 220 open miles of sandy goodness   

Approximate Elevation: 4,927 ft.  

Campground Within Close Proximity: Oasis Campground 

Trails for Hiking: Sand Mountain 

Restaurants Nearby: local favorites: Lisa’s Country Kitchen 

Black Dragon 

I mean… it’s in the name, right? Black Dragon trail is located near Green River, Utah. It is in the San Rafael Swell and is filled with charming sand-wash trails that bob and weave through a narrow canyon. It has moments of easy riding, but don’t be fooled; some parts of this trail can be pretty rugged. This trail is open all year round, but the best time to test this trail is either in the spring or fall. 

Black Dragon Details: 

Difficulty: medium 

Approximate Mileage: 15 miles 

Approximate Elevation: 5,000 ft. - 6,150 ft. 

Type of Path: Two-way 

Campground Within Close Proximity: San Rafael Bridge Campground 

Trails for Hiking: Black Dragon Canyon 

Restaurants Nearby: local favorite: La Veracruzana

Poison Spider Mesa

Poison Spider Mesa trail is one of the most popular trails in Mesa, Utah. Whether you have a UTV, ATV, or a hardcore jeep, this is the trail for you. Full disclosure: this trail is not for beginners. Poison Spider trail is for those who have extensive experience navigating rugged trails. This is a challenging trail that weaves through breathtaking Navajo sandstone. 

Poison Spider Mesa Details: 

Difficulty: medium-difficult  

Approximate Mileage: 10 miles 

Approximate Elevation: 3,900 ft. - 4,800 ft. 

Type of Path: Two-way 

Campground Within Close Proximity: William’s Bottom 

Trails for Hiking: Poison Spider Mesa Trail  

Restaurants Nearby: local favorite: Milt’s Stop & Eat (burger joint) 

Silver Lake Flat 

Silver Lake Flat is located in American Fork Canyon, Utah. It is approximately a 25-minute drive south of Provo and has hundreds of weaving trails that loop through thick forests. The views are phenomenal - seriously, you can’t beat the scenery in this canyon. However, these trails have cliff edges and drop-offs, so they should be navigated cautiously. 

Two trails in this canyon make up Silver Lake Flat: the Major Evan Trail and the Milkmaid Trail. The Major Evan Trail is the more difficult of the two due to its steep inclines and switchbacks. 

When people think of UTV trails in Utah, they think of Silver Lake Flat trail, which is also extremely close to… you guessed it, Silver Lake. This beautiful lake is a great place to take a break from cruising the trails on your UTV and stop for a dip in some cool water or have a picnic under the shade of a tree. 

Silver Lake Flat Details: 

Difficulty: medium 

Approximate Mileage: 15 miles 

Approximate Elevation: 7,500 ft. - 9,500 ft. 

Type of Path: Two-way 

Campground Within Close Proximity: Granite Flat Campground

Trails for Hiking: Silver Lake Hike 

Closest Restaurants: The Smoking Apple’s (BBQ) or Magleby’s Fresh (sandwiches, soups, and salads). 

No matter which of these fantastic Utah trails you decide to take your UTV to for a grand adventure in 2023, you will most surely have the time of your life. These are some of the best UTV trails in Utah, but really they are only the tip of the iceberg. Utah is a magical place when it comes to all things outdoors. The sky’s the limit in this beautiful state. 

If you are a beginner in the world of UTVs, TerraRider UTV Windshields is the place to go. We’ve got everything you need to make 2023 the year of adventures. Contact us today for more information, and let us help get you started on your trail-exploring journey.

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