Why You Should Upgrade Your Axles

What’s the point of taking your UTV out for a day on the trails of you’re not going to include a little speed, a few turns around some tight corners, and wide variety of terrain? This usually means great fun for you, but it can lead to some strain on your UTV parts.

Besides playing hard, when you work hard with your UTV to get stuff done around the yard or farm, it can also cause some wear and tear on your machine as well. This is especially true when it comes to your axles.

Each rock, fallen tree limb, or pothole can ultimately shorten the life of your axles.  This also means that a great quality set of axles can give you extended use of your UTV and a night and day difference when it comes to the way your UTV handles these kinds of obstacles. This is just one reason to consider when asking yourself why you should upgrade your axles.

Know Your Likes

Most of the stock parts that come with your UTV are going to be pretty decent quality. This is especially true of your general UTV rider.

But as you start to get into specific types of trails and develop a favorite terrain, those generic stock parts may not be doing you as big of a favor as you’d like.

This is a great reason to upgrade your axles, or have an extra set on hand. If you love to go mudding or take your UTV out to climb rock, you’re axles are going to take a special kind of beating.

Make sure they are up to the job and will help keep you riding safely and enjoyably, whatever your terrain of choice may be. Not sure what type of axle is best for your favorite pastimes?

Talk to the professionals at UTV Windshields & Accessories. Not only can they help you find the best Kawasaki UTV windshields or Polaris UTV windshields on the market, but they know the ins and outs when it comes to other UTV accessories, including axles.

For a UTV windshield and other accessories, choose the pros at UTV Windshields & Accessories.

Customize Inside and Out

One of the joys of having a UTV is being able to completely customize your machine to tailor-fit you.

For some this may mean adding a roll cage or an out-of-this-world sound system. If may mean a side-by-side windshield made from a lexan sheet, or a UTV glass windshield.

For others still it may mean a lift kit or bigger tires. Some UTV upgrades won’t affect your axles, while others (like a change in tire size) will.

Talk to a UTV professional to know exactly which UTV upgrades will affect your axles and which won’t. If there is potential strain on your axles, it’s a good idea to upgrade from your stock parts.

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