Where Can I Ride My UTV in Utah?

Summer is well underway, and people all over Utah are likely asking themselves this very question: "Where should I ride my UTV?" 

More and more people are hitting the hillside with their UTVs in tow this time of year. Regardless of the riding style you like, there's an adventure for you almost anywhere in Utah. The diverse terrain boasts scenic mountain trails, wide-open dunes, and massive red rocks for crawling. Because Utah has designated so much space as public land for recreational use, an exciting expedition isn't far away. 

Keep reading to learn about a few of our favorite places to ride UTVs in Utah. 

Paiute Trail

The Paiute ATV Trail is a 275-mile loop that passes through many Central and Southern Utah cities like Richfield, Beaver, Fillmore, Marysvale, and Salina. In addition to the 275-mile trail, there are thousands of miles of side trails. The main trail takes about 25 riding hours to complete, so it's perfect for an overnight adventure! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and mountain activities like camping, fishing, and wildlife-watching along the way.

Bryce Canyon

The trails inside of Bryce National Park do not allow UTV and other motorized vehicles; however, close by the national forest are trails made just for UTVs. You can enjoy the fantastic vistas of the unique red rock formations. In addition to the excellent trails near Bryce Canyon, you can check out the trails in Red Canyon like Paunsaugunt ATV Trail, Fremont ATV Trail, and Pine Lake OHV Trail. All of which allow UTVs and are packed full of fun!

St. George

Near St. George, you'll find a variety of riding terrain. Sand Hollow State Park and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park give you the thrill you're seeking with picturesque sand dunes. Also, be sure to check out The Arizona Strip, the Beaver Dam Mountains, and the trails in the Pine Valley Mountains. While we're on the topic, it's essential to note that motorized vehicles are not allowed in Zion or Grand Canyon National Park trails, so stay clear of those areas in your UTV. 

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Located in the northeast corner of the Sevier Desert in Juab County, near the City of Nephi, Little Sahara boasts almost 60,000 acres of dunes, trails, and flats. While you're there, we suggest hitting up Sand Mountain, where you can test your skills and your machines on rolling hills of sand. Additionally, check out White Sand Dunes, Black Mountain, and the dunes southwest of Black Mountain. 

American Fork Canyon

For UTV riders more north, the trails in American Fork Canyon are stunning and are considered moderately difficult to maneuver. If you are seeking thrill and adventure along with breathtaking views, make sure to check out Silver Lake, Cascade Springs, Mill Hollow, Soldier Hollow, Mineral Basin, and Snake Creek. Just watch for the steep drop-offs and edges; go slow and take your time passing through these areas. 

Other Exciting Utah Locations

If you're still asking yourself that question of "where can I ride my UTV?" Honorable mentions go out to locations like Lake Powell, Escalante, Vernal, and Logan. In addition to these exciting mountain trails, dunes, and rugged red rocks, Utah law allows UTVs to be driven on any public land, trail, street, or highway as long as your UTV is registered.

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