Tools Every UTV Owner Needs in Their Garage

If you are an avid UTV rider, you may find tinkering with and working on your UTV to be very fun and, for some, even exciting. If you don’t know already, you will quickly learn that working your side-by-side is much different than working on your car.

Because your machine gets a lot more wear and tear than your vehicle, you can expect to spend more time working and replacing parts. While your garage might be stocked with a variety of tools, you might find that your ride requires a different, more unique set of tools.

Keep scrolling to find out which tools expert UTV riders keep in their garage.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench might be the most important and basic tool you will need. Jobs and repairs are completed much faster and easier with this handy tool. This is probably the first tool you will grab whenever you need to work on your machine.

When selecting which impact wrench to buy, you will need to decide if you want an electric one (these typically cost more) or a pneumatic wrench (that requires attaching to an air compressor). Each has its own set of pros and cons, but most people tend to like electric more, despite their higher price tag, because they are conveniently portable.

Torx Bit Set

The plastic outer shell on your machine is typically held together with Torx bolts. Some of your maintenance or repairs will require you to remove the plastic body to access those hard-to-reach spots, which means you will need a Torx bit to undo the bolts.

Air Compressor

Your tires take a good beating on just about every ride you take since they are the only thing between you and the ground. Because of this, your tire pressure can quickly change. Each ride you take should start by checking the pressure in your tires. Making these adjustments to your tire pressure will lengthen your tires’ life so you can ride many more miles.

On top of tending to your tires, you can use your air compressor to clean your UTV, other toys, cars, and even your garage. Even in the tiniest nooks and crannies, leaves, dust, and other junk have no chance of sticking around with a powerful air compressor.

Allen Wrench

Chances are, you already have an Allen wrench, also known as hex keys, in your set up. You will find that a lot of your UTV maintenance requires Allen wrenches like your fluid drain plugs, clutch arms, and many other parts. Make sure you have a complete set, so you don’t strip the bolt heads using a wrench the wrong size.

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