Three Creative Ways to Get Your UTV Unstuck When You’re Alone

Being stuck in your UTV is incredibly frustrating. But being stuck in your UTV alone is even more frustrating and sometimes quite stressful. You may be prepared with everything you think you might need, but even the most experienced and prepared riders can find themselves stuck in awkward situations. When winches, tow straps, and other traditional methods aren’t working, you’ll need to get a little more creative and think outside the box. 

Continue reading to learn three ways that will get your UTV unstuck when conventional methods aren’t working.



1. The Planking-Your-Tire Method

You can use this method in every stuck-situation, but it’s particularly helpful when your machine is stuck in the mud. Slow and steady is the key to this technique.

If you’re trapped in the mud and scrambling to gain traction, fasten a wood plank or branch to your wheel. Of course, you’ll need to be cautious when selecting something to tie to your wheels. You don’t want it interfering with your fender, suspension, or brake lines as your tires rotate. To keep your machine safe from damage, move the branch’s location every quarter turn.

As soon as you tie your branch to your wheel, you can give your machine a little gas — just enough so that your wheels turn. Make sure you're watching your wheels so that you notice shifts in the branch or if it gets too close to your vehicle.

2. The Deadman Anchor Technique

When you’re stuck in moors, mud, or deep snow, and can’t quite reach the closest tree, you’ll want to try this method. For this technique, you’ll need your winch, a shovel, and a couple of other resources to use as an anchor. 

First, find two logs. One should be heavy and thick (this is your “deadman” log), the other doesn’t need to be as large. Next, dig a trench in front of your machine that is big enough to bury the deadman. Place your smaller log between you and the trench, right at the edge.

Next, you can anchor your winch to the deadman. Your line should go over the brim log, which helps prevent your line from digging into the dirt. Now, bury your deadman and slowly winch yourself out. If you buried the deadman enough, you should get unstuck without a problem.



3. The Sand Parachute Method

This technique is especially useful in the sand or snow, since sand and snow is relatively easy to dig, but can be used in other terrains, too. All you’ll need is a tarp, rope, shovel, and winch.

First, dig a hole in front of your UTV and place the tarp inside. Leaving access to each corner, fill the hole back up. Tie each tarp corner together with your old anchor and your winch to the rope. Now you can slowly winch your way out.



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Every solo rider needs to be prepared with the necessary tools and a creative mind when hitting the trails. Bringing along winches, tow straps, ropes, and other helpful accessories can help you when you’re in a jam, which will save you from hiking home. Check out the useful tools and accessories your machine needs from TerraRider UTV Windshields before your next thrilling adventure.

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