The Most Comfortable Clothes For UTV Riding

For adventurers everywhere, finding comfortable clothes for UTV riding is a game-changer, just ask any expert. There are a few things worse (besides the unexpected) than finding yourself out on the trails and all is well except for the fact that you are wearing the wrong gear for your activities. So what are the most comfortable and logical clothes to wear while riding your UTV? We are glad you asked. Here are a few pointers to lead you in the right direction.

Plan For The Weather

All individuals native to Utah know that the weather can be unpredictable. Take a day in November for example. One minute the skies are bright blue, light cold breeze and the sun is shining. The next minute is cloudy, high winds, and the snow starts to fall. We could even go as far as to say that oftentimes after it snows, the sun comes back out and the snow is melted by the end of the day. Now think about these conditions while you are riding your UTV. Of course, you can never prepare for absolutely everything that could happen. But you can surely try your best to be as prepared and comfortable as you can be given what you know. Things you can do to prepare for the weather while riding:

  1. A few days before your trip, check the weather for the days you will be on the trail.
  2. According to what you find, wear gear and clothing that you will be comfortable in.
  3. If snow is involved, bring extra clothes: gloves, hats, socks, etc. 

Plan For The Terrain

Depending on where you plan to go riding, will determine greatly what clothes you wear. Of course, if it is cold and there is the possibility of snow on the trail, wearing comfortable clothes for UTV riding such as gloves, insulated boots, lined pants, long sleeves, and a warm coat and or jacket will be your best bet. If the terrain is rocky and or muddy yet warm, wearing lighter clothing that will still keep you free of mud splatter and scratches will be the way to go. Think long pants, a light long sleeve shirt and gloves, and regular boots. If the terrain you choose is sandy, hot, and humid, you will want to dress differently. For this climate you might think it would be a good idea to wear shorts and a tank top so you do not get too hot. Although this is tempting, it is not the best idea. Since you are still riding a heavy machine in a rocky or sandy atmosphere, light long sleeves and pants are a must. Helmets are still required as always but opting for lighter shoes or boots might provide needed cooling.

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